Work and study in Spain: Mission Statement – Jana Marin

By the end of my work and study programme here in Spain at Spark Spanish, I want to be proud of my achievements and the things that I have learned. I will take this opportunity and make the best I possibly can out of it and I will value my experiences and skills that I will get over the next three weeks. In addition to learning Spanish, I will receive a first impression of a office environment, which will definitely be helpful in future jobs. Throughout my time in Spain, I will strive to fulfill the 10 values of Spark and they will inspire my future way of thinking in my daily life.

During my work and study period at Spark, I will come across as a very motivated and helpful person, a team player, that is always ready to learn more and not afraid to ask for help. I hope that I can also inspire my fellow students and staff members and that I will be an enrichment for Spark. But above all, my aim is to learn from my colleagues and classmates and gain more of their knowledge and excitement for what they do. For my manager, Douglas, I will be a very reliable person that completes my work on time and gives the best to achieve the tasks as well as possible. By the end of October, he will be able to say that my knowledge and skills have improved and I will have become a more independent and mature person.

In addition I want to become a good friend to my classmates. I will always act respectfully and do my best to be thought of as a kind and helpful person. As I will inspire others. I aim to make them look at me and say because of you, I did it! I look forward to having a great time with them and exchanging experiences, stories and cultures.

I know that I am responsible for my own destiny. All my actions have consequences and I have the power to decide weather they will turn out good or bad. I will be able to master this responsibility and work hard so that I can push myself to my limit and overcome it. In the end of my Internship, I will be proud of myself, of what I have accomplished and learned over the three weeks, so that I can show what i learned when I am back in Germany. I will focus on my motivation for learning Spanish and gather as much experience of work as possible and of the Spanish culture.

Jana Marin

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