Working and Studying in Spain- Mission Statement- Jess

In my time at Spark, I will gain valuable skills which I can use for the rest of my life. I will grasp every opportunity with both hands, whether learning new things or bettering skills I already have. After my ten weeks here I hope to be a better version of myself than I am now, with more knowledge and and skills that I can apply to my future endeavours. I will work hard and push myself to reach my goals, and I will be proud of how I spent my time here.

As an employee, I will be the person that everyone can trust to get the job done both efficiently and well. I will contribute to Spark but also learn myself by showing initiative, but at the same time will not be afraid to ask for help if needed. I will approach every task with enthusiasm and a positive attitude, which will help create a positive working environment.

I already have communication and teamwork skills, which I will be able to use and develop during my ten weeks at Spark. I will show my good work ethic by being hard working, responsible and mature.

As a student, I hope to dramatically improve my Spanish over the next ten weeks, and I am sure I will be able to see an improvement when my time is done. In order to better my Spanish I will practise whenever I can, seizing every opportunity to use my new skills. By September, the quality of my written work will have improved and I will have  become more confident when speaking out loud.

After ten weeks, I hope to have grown as a person and have developed new skills which I can use to make my way into the world of work. I will use my experience as both a student and an employee, but also my experience of a new culture, to make myself into a more rounded human being. I want to make my time here truly worthwhile, and will do everything possible to achieve that.

Jessica Knaggs

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