5 Reasons to learn Spanish

Did you kow that Spanish is the mothertongue to about 400 million people all around the globe?

Whether you are working with an international company, want to improve your cognitive skills or would like to travel and explore the world, learning Spanish will definitely be helpful!

1. It´s easy

First of all, Spanish is quite easy to pickup, which is very fun while learning a new language. Moreover, you will see many similarities between English (or other languages as well) and Spanish!

2. Improve your cognitive skills

Also being able to speak more than one language will keep your brain working and without a doubt improve your cognitive skills. This may help in lots of situations you will come across in your daily life.

3. Career opportunities

Furthermore, Spanish is spoken in lots of different parts of the world so actually speaking Spanish will open up a  lot of  new career opportunities, due to being a minority on a growing market.

4. Go abroad

Another good reason to learn Spanish, especially at a young age, is going abroad. Taking part in Work & Study, exchange, work experience and Au-pair programs is a great way of gaining experience and of course practicing Spanish.

5. Culture

Last but not least, Spain and other spanish-speaking countries all have amazing cultures, which are definitely worth a visit. The variety of foods, the famous flamenco dance or the antique traditions, there are lots of things Spain is know for!

So these were my 5 most important reasons, why I think YOU should learn Spanish!

¡Hasta luego!

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