Past Spanish and English Staff

We like to remember all our great staff who have worked at SparkSpanish.  Here is a list of many of the past staff who have collaborated with us on our great project of bringing Spanish and English learning to as many people as possible.  See our  > current team.

Past Spark Staff




Gloria is one of our Spanish teachers and is the social events coordinator who plans all the social and cultural events. She also helps out in the office, attending the parents and children of our English academy. She also lives at the Spark residence and is there to help all time, especially with practicing your Spanish!






Mari is another of our lovely Spanish teachers and she also does lots of “behind the scene” projects to make Spark a better and professional language school. She lives in the Spark residence and she is always up for having a good time and making you feel right at home in the residence.





The lovely Holly is one of our English teachers and is also responsible for the marketing of our Spanish department. She is also responsible for working with our Agents and creating new contacts for Spark.  





Lisa is the Administration Responsible and deals with a lot of the bookings here at Spark. You would have probably spoken to Lisa at least once before you arrived at Spark. She is a great bundle of energy and always has a smile on her face, and is always happy to help!






Adam is one of our English teachers and also deals with sales for the Spanish department. And yes, if you were wondering, he still has time for a social life, just.







Charlotte is involved in the marketing & website development for Spark Spanish and she is also an English teacher for Spark. She is a swimming fanatic and probably one of the most excitable people you will meet. 







Kevin is Spark Spanish’s very own handy man who can fix just about anything. He is also our fourth and final English teacher.



Lorenzo & IT department

Lorenzo Vigentini is the IT coordinator and web designer of Spark. He is harmonising IT systems, controlling information flows and processes as well as maintaining the IT infrastructure. From our side we are happy that our computers and web are functioning well. However, Lorenzo has always had a passion for technology and web design and has accrued a wide expertise in many different areas spanning from digital design, web design, video production, DVD devolopment, e-learning, data mining and much more! He knows how important it is to keep up with the latest technology and he is pivotal in making sure that Spark is innovative and highly competitive in a continuously changing world.  He is the proud designer of our innovative spread the word platform which enables students and interested parties to share spark information easily and quickly.

Did you know that…

…  Lorenzo has a PhD in psychology

…  Lorenzo likes to drive and it wouldn’t be unusual for him to choose to drive for 48 hours across half Europe through snow, fog and ice to see his family rather than taking a plane.

… he has lived in Scotland for a very long time and it might take some time to understand Lorenzo, with his ‘Scotalian‘ accent or when he switches to computerese.

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