Spanish Course and TEFL

What better way to do an introduction course to TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) than combining it with learning Spanish!

Learn how to teach English

With the ‘Spanish and introductory 15 hour TEFL course’ you will learn how to teach English, with a special focus on teaching young learners (4-17 year olds). You have 3 hours of TEFL classes and 4 hours of  (General) Spanish a day and are expected to do some lesson planning or to prepare some activities  for the next day, so this is a very intensive programme!

Teach at  the Spark academy

At Spark, we believe in rewarding hard work and passion. Therefore, we have incorporated a unique job opportunity into our TEFL courses. The student we feel has made the most effort, shown passion, a willingness to learn and who we feel is very motivated and of a high enough standard, will be offered a teaching position with us. This position can either be in our Spark English Academy or on one of the TECS summer camps.

Like all our programmes, students who combine their Spanish course with the introduction to TEFL course, or even do the TEFL course separately, will also be able to participate in our free social and cultural events programme and are also entitled to all the other Spark extras.

Key aspects

The Spanish and TEFL combination course runs for 1 week, but you can always start your Spanish course before or continue with your course afterwards. There is also the option to do the TEFL course without the Spanish course.  The TEFL intro could especially be very useful for a student who will be studying in Spain in the coming year and is looking to do some part time teaching whilst studying.  It can also be very useful for re-enforcing in a practical way what students, who are studying TEFL, have learned in modules at university.  It can also be combined with the Spanish University prep. course.

Spanish classes 20 classes + 5 day social and cultural events programme of min. 10 hours per week
Timetable Spanish
4 classes in the morning, including 15 minutes break
TEFL classes
15 hours per week
Timetable TEFL 3 hours in the afternoon
Students per class Maximum 12
Spanish levels for General Spanish Course From absolute beginners (A1) to proficiency (C2)
Starting date September 2012
Minimum age 18
Extras Free social events programme, all books included, Spark learning booklet and many more extras!
Prices Visit our prices page.

Return to Spanish courses overview, check out more Spark programme information or check a query with our online Spark assistant.  Like what you read and inspired to improve your Spanish level?  Well there is never a better moment to enroll

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  1. Having worked at TECS summer camps as a teacher for the past few years I think this would be an excellent introduction to TEFL teaching! Not only is the opportunity of working with TECS or the academy afterwards a great reward, but moreover learning the language of the students you might later be teaching will really put you in their shoes, give you a greater understanding of their difficulties and generally be a great asset to any teacher!

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