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Spanish in El Puerto de Santa Maria

Please use the enrollment form via the clickable button below if you have already purchased a voucher to study at Spark Spanish – other enrollments on spark web will not be usable for voucher enrollments. The conditions of your voucher can vary but will usually include a 1-3 week voucher for the General Spanish Course with accommodation on a shared basis in our lovely Sparkville residence.  In your enrollment it is possible to choose to upgrade your accommodation to a single room or select to choose the summer supplement option.

Please note that all students are also required to do the online level test before a booking can be confirmed, as we need to be able to confirm your level is running for the selected weeks, so we advise you do the enrollment and then follow up straight away doing the level test.  If you are certain you are a complete beginner you still need to do the enrollment form but can mention on it that you are a complete beginner and and wont be required to do the level test, however also note complete beginners have set start dates that can be seen here.

Once we receive your enrollment form and your level test, we will reply within 2-3 days to confirm whether your booking is possible for the selected weeks, availability on given weeks depends on level and available residence spaces.  We suggest you give multiple options of weeks on your enrollment form and advise you book up as early as possible.  Students should never book flights before having their booking confirmed.   If you need any help during your enrollment you can contact us on our online chat system in office hours and via other means during out of office hours, see contact info here.

Further information on Spark is also available in other languages than English but please note not some info may not be as up-to-date as that provided in the English language version.

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