I have a query, what is the best way to check it?

You have four choices:

  • Via the online chatroom which is accessed through the “livezilla” icon on right side of any page of the website.  Here you can chat freely by text chat with one of our Spark People.  When we are “online” (normally weekdays 09.30-20.30) the online icon with flash.
  • Via skype: just click on the skype icon just below the livezilla and we can chat online for free for as long as you like or need.
  • Via regular phone: you can call us during the times above on 0034956003300 and you can also request a call back via the form below but we usually prefer to do that on skype when possible.
  • Via information form at: request information and then we’ll get back to you by email, chat or via skype depending on the query and your preferences.

I want to book up a course how do I do that?

Please fill in our enrollment form on our enrollment page, where you can find further information and instructions.
We remind you the first course starts Monday the 25th July 2011 and run every week thereafter except a short break around the xmas and new year period. Please take a look at our holiday and starting dates for more information.

Why is there a registration fee and what does it involve?

A registration fee is a reality of doing more or less any Spanish language course. In Spark’s case, the registration fee includes the following:

– ALL Spanish books and other material needed in class (important to note most companies do not include books in registration or only include the first book).
– Spark brochure and notebook.
– Sparkfax (that gives you some discounts in the local area) and allows you to get discounts on our programmes for friends.
– Different administration costs acquired in registering.
The registration fee is a ONE OFF fee.

I am agent and I am interested in working with you, what should I do?

We would appreciate if anyone interested in working with us were to fill out the information form and select the corresponding category “agent” or “affiliate” option.

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