Prices Notes

Notes for Prices

• All prices are valid at the time of purchase.  If Spark prices have risen between the time of purchases and booking, the client will not be charged extra as long as full purchase was made.  If the client had only enrolled and not purchased their course, the client would be responsible for paying the new price.

* For all courses there is a ONE OFF registration fee of €25 that covers all Spanish books and materials needed in class, the Spark fax, different administration costs etc…

*= the cultural events programme will be a min. 4 activities per week of a minimum of 10 hours.  One Spark staff will always be present at each activity and often more.  Unlike in class, students are not grouped by level during cultural events.  The majority of activities will not involve costs but those that do will be covered as an optional expense by the students.

*= A 15 minute break exists for each 4 hour class period.  This takes place after 2 hours.

Notes for Accommodation

* There is a deposit of €50 for the Sparkville residence and the shared flat option that will be returned at check out after a review of the room/flat to make sure no breakages/damage was done to the room etc…
* The extra day for the Saturday night at the end of your course is always available for students at this reduced daily rate, although an earlier check out will exist to allow for turnover for the new students coming in. Other extra days before or after the course will be charged at the normal daily rate.
* Triple and quadruple rooms are only available for groups who enroll together.
* Halfboard homestay involves breakfast and dinner (speaking to the family it may be possible to change this to breakfast and lunch).  Full board covers all meals.  Students on homestay should fit into the eating hours of the host family rather than the other way round.
* If you wish to book an extra night with the homestay or flat programme, please let us know on your enrollment form and we will inform you about the different options, which could be the normal homestay option, or a night in Sparkville.
* Shared flat prices start from €200.
* Students not doing a Spanish course can stay in the Spark Spanish cultural residence, if availabilities exist, for the price in the right column on the prices page.  Included in this price is participation in any event going on in the cultural activity programme.  Guests of students can also stay in Sparkville for this price.
Other terms and conditions
* all bookings are subject to the full terms and conditions.

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