On Monday we have welcome drinks,

On Wednesday we have a conversation class and Thursday is intercambio.

The cultural activities for the week are as follows

On Monday we have our welcome drinks,

On Tuesday we have Español en Accíon

Wednesday see’s our conversation class

Thursday is our usual intercambio, where people get to practice Spanish with locals,

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On Monday as always we have our welcome drinks.

On Tuesday we have a visit to Plaza de toros.

Wednesday we have our conversation class.

Thursday is intercambio.

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Another week goes by in Spark and we’re now moving into winter, luckily we get to wait it out in El Puerto De Santa Maria, it might as well be summer to anyone from the north of Europe.

Kicking things off we have our welcome drinks for our new students, we will take them to a local bar to get to know them.

On Tuesday we have a visit to Plaza de Toros, bull fighting is a big part of Spanish Culture, and even if you don’t agree with the practice, a visit to the ring is still worth it from a cultural perspective.

On Wendesday we have our conversations class which caters to a variety of levels.

Come Thursday we have intercambio, which is a more relaxed exchange of language than a classroom environment.

The weekend is free time for our students, maybe they’ll go on a trip, maybe they’ll go to the disco with our resident staff. There’s a lot of things to do in El Puerto so make the most of it.


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Cultural Events: 26th October – 1st November

October has been surprisingly hot and we have a busy week ahead of us.

On Monday we have our customary welcome drinks for all of our new students.

Following this up on Tuesday we have a Visit to Castillo San Marcos and Cata De Sherry, two locations in one day .

On Wednesday we have a conversation class open to all and finally on thursday we have Intercambio, so our students have a chance to practice with others outside of the school.

That’s all this week folks

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Spark Spanish Cultural Events 19th -25th October

The Spark Cultural Events for 19th-25th of Oct are as follows.

On Monday Inge will be taking our new students out for welcome drinks.

After that our students are free until Wednesday where they will have the option of two activities.

Either taking part in our Conversation classes or going to a Bodega for sherry tasting and tapas!.

On Thursday we will be doing Intercambio, where our students will have the opportunity to practice Spanish with the locals 20 – 24 oct.

Spark Spanish Cultural Events 5th – 11th of October

Cultural Events in Spark for the week are as follows.


As usual we have our welcome drinks on Monday.

On Tuesday we are visiting Plaza de Toros.

On Wednesday our conversation class is taking place,

On Thursday we have a games night with wine and cheese.

That’s all for this week, if you want to view the full schedule click here.

The final week of September is the same as any other in Spark.

On Monday we have our welcome drinks for our new students 🙂

On tuesday Marta is bringing people to Plaza de Toros where they can drink in Spanish Culture among other things.

Wednesday is our conversation class as usual.

Sherry tasting is the agenda for Thursday as Maria brings our students to a bodega

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There’s another fun week ahead for Spark,

On Monday Douglas will be taking our new students out for Welcome drinks.

On Tuesday Marta will be taking them to Bar Mario, for Jamon and Queso á la el Peurto.

Wednesday see’s our usual conversation class taking place while Thursday has Maria hosting a games night in Spark.

On Friday the students are free and we recommend they go out and enjoy the nightlife that El Puerto has to offer !

If you want to have a full look at our schedule please click here : ) 14 – 20 septiembre

It’s september so the weather is cooling down, but this are still pretty hot in Spark.   On Monday we have welcome drinks. On Tuesday we have a visit to Plaza de Toros where our students will enjoy Tapas and Drinks (More drinks? Yes more drinks, there’s always room for an extra glass of wine while on holiday) On Wednesday we have our conversation class for off and on site students alike. On Thursday we have A Visit to a Castle, which is always an interesting learning experience. To see our full schedule click Here

Cultural Events: August, 30th – September, 5th

The summer is almost over unfortunately, but it’s business as usual in Spark!

Kicking off the week is our Welcome drinks, where we will be welcoming our new Students by bringing them to a local bar.

On Tuesday the Marta will be taking the students out for local Tapas of wine, letting students experience the flavours of Spain.

Come wednesday we have our conversation class which is open to anyone who wishes to come, it will be taught by Maria.

Maria is having a very busy week, as she is also taking care of Thursdays event. She will be taking Students to see a Bodega and do some sherry tasting.

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Cultural Activities

The Cultural Activities in Spark, starting the 11th of August.


On Monday we have our welcome drinks as usual, inviting our new students out for a drink it’s a good way to get to know them.

On Tuesday our Discover Spain is quite special, it will be a bike tour of El Puerto. Cycling around El Puerto and seeing the sites up close is so much more personal than the hop on hop off buses you see,

Wednesday is our usual conversation class.

Thursday is games night! There will be games to play in Spanish in order to practice, as well as wine and cheese for tasting 😉

On Friday is our weekly Barbecue. Graham and David are going to cook up a storm!


Here are last weeks photo’s, if you want to see how much fun we have at spark, look no further