El Puerto de Santa María is a beautiful beach town in the south of Spain, in the province of Andalucía. Considering whether you should visit or spend your summer here studying Spanish, here are 5 reasons why you totally should.


  1. Beautiful beaches

El Puerto de Santa María is home to 22 kilometres of coastline, 16 of which are beaches. In the summer, they are literally filled with people from morning till late. Some of the renowned ones are La Puntilla, Valdelagrana, Muralla, Santa Catalina and Levante. Playa de La Puntilla is the most popular beach by far in this town due to its proximity to the city centre (only 15 mins on foot) and it’s where our students often find themselves relaxing after lessons.


We organised a welcome drink for all new students in the second week of July. Location: Casa Pepe restaurant in Puerto Sherry on the beach of Muralla.


  1. The famous port

The name of El Puerto de Santa María suggests it is a port city and it has been famous for allegedly being the port that Christopher Columbus has departed for his second trip to the Americas!


  1. Friendly locals

In our previous blog about ‘How to choose the best language school in Spain’, I mentioned that very few locals speak English. However, they are really friendly (especially with some drinks) and you definitely learn a thing or two that most tourists won’t know about El Puerto!


  1. Buzzing nightlife

Spain is famous for its long nightlife that extends to the early hours of the morning and El Puerto is no exception. You will find the locals eating dinner at 10 PM and start their nights out at midnight. The day is long here in El Puerto and in the summer, it is buzzing with people all evenings during the week. Every day from 10 PM until 2 AM, for two months in the summer, you can find a night market along the river (near La Cristalera bar) where locals set up shops to sell souvenirs and other lovely products from Spain. It’s definitely worth checking out!


Handwritten mugs in Spanish!


Our students enjoying un chupito gratis (a free shot) after ordering a bunch of tapas! Yes it’s a thing in El Puerto.

Now that you know why we love El Puerto, head onto our Spanish course page to learn more about the types of courses we offer at Spark, from General Spanish course, summer camps, to work and study experience. Adventure awaits you here!

Una procesión es un desfile religioso que involucra a personas que recorren de un lugar a otro, o bien partiendo de un sitio y volviendo a él, como muestra de su creencia y de su respectiva fe religiosa.  En Semana Santa en España se realizan estas procesiones coincidiendo con la Semana Mayor. En estas procesiones participan distintos colectivos agrupados en cofradías o hermandad religiosa bajo el reconocimiento eclesiástico. Así pues, los cofrades salen a las calles con sus hermandades acompañando a un paso de Cristo o Virgen adscrito a un pasaje de la Pasión. Los integrantes realizan las estaciones ataviados con túnicas: penitentes o nazarenos. Normalmente cada cuidad de España tiene una semana con una o más pasos (procesiones) cada dia. Abajo puedes ver la programación de Semana Santa en El Puerto de Santa Maria.

If you want to see one of the pasos in El Puerto refer to the pasos timetable below, curtesy of Turismo el Puerto . If you want to learn Spanish in Spain don’t hesitate to look at our Spanish Course options.


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El Puerto de Santa Maria is hidden gem on the costa de la luz in the province of Cadiz and region of Andalucia. The numbers of foreign tourists to the province of Cadiz is much less than nearby Malaga but this is all the more reason to come, explore and of course learn Spanish and immerse yourself in majestic Spanish culture 🙂 Read More

Studying with Spark also means living in El Puerto de Santa Maria, a lovely town in the province Cadíz. El Puerto de Santa Maria does not only have a variety of historic features and beautiful beaches to offer but also the harbor Puerto Sherry, where I took two of the students at Spark yesterday as part of my Work-Experience-programme. From Spark the walk takes approximately 50 minutes down to Playa Puntilla and along the coastline heading west on a beautiful walkingpath viewing the bay of Cadíz. Puerto Sherry itself is one of the biggest marinas in Andalusia with more than 800 moorings and a range of other water sports like windsurfing and diving. In history the harbor played an important role in shipping the sherry produced in the sherry triangle Jerez-Sanlúcar-El Puerto de Santa Maria abroad, but today, as we discovered, it is a quiet place to relax and let some time pass while sitting in one of the little cafés to enjoy the view on the marina and Cadíz. After having some typical Spanish coffee and fresh juice we made our way back to Spark and enjoyed the walk talking and practicing our Spanish.

Going on cultural activities with other students provides a great opportunity to not only practise the Spanish learned in class during the mornings but also to explore new places and make friends along the way! If you would love to know more about El Puerto de Santa Maria and the Spanish language, why not join Spark and experience it yourself?




Exploring El Puerto de Santa Maria

Why study Spanish in El Puerto de Santa Maria? El Puerto is ideally located in the Cádiz province and you can visit beautiful cities in its surroundings, such as Cádiz, Sevilla, Jerez, Granada, Ronda, Córdoba, Málaga, Gibraltar or smaller cities such as the famous Pueblos Blancos or beautiful towns at the coastline. But, El Puerto itself has a lot to offer too! So, this week we focus on our beloved and beautiful El Puerto de Santa Maria in our cultural events programme! The cultural events enable our students to discover the best of Spain: ‘Descubre España’! Read More

On Saturday we went with a group of Spark students on a daytrip to the wonderful city Cádiz. Spark organizes cultural events for students to experience the Spanish lifestyle here in the Cádiz region, which give Spark students a total package of learning Spanish. Since Cádiz is not only the capital of the province Cádiz but also the oldest city of Europe, it is a must-to-see during your stay in El Puerto de Santa Maria. We took the boat at 12.50 pm across the Bay of Cádiz and because of the sunny weather we enjoyed a nice boattrip and a beautiful view. Read More

The first Spanish cultural activity

Buenas noches! I have been at Spark for more than a week now and I have enjoyed every moment of it! My Spanish skills are improving rapidly and I have already organized my first Spanish cultural activity as an intern at Spark during my work and study program here. Read More

Noche de Cine: Altamira

We’re going to see Altamira with Antonio Banderas. He discovers cave paintings in the early 19th century which change how we understand the origins of mankind but of course challenges religious and scientific views of that age. Read more about the film below, description courtsey of Union Cine Cuidad.

Altamaria sinopsis

1879. Entre las verdes colinas y los picos rocosos de la costa de Santander, María Sautuola (Allegra Allen), una niña de 9 años, y su padre, Marcelino (Antonio Banderas), un arqueólogo aficionado, descubren algo extraordinario que cambiará la historia de la humanidad para siempre: las primeras pinturas prehistóricas encontradas hasta entonces: unos impresionantes bisontes al galope trazados con gran detalle. Pero la madre de María, la dulce y devota Conchita (Golshifteh Farahani), no es la única perturbada por este descubrimiento. La iglesia Católica considera que la afirmación de que las pinturas sean obra de prehistóricos “salvajes” es un ataque a la verdad bíblica. Y, sorprendentemente, la comunidad científica liderada por el prehistoriador Émile Cartailhac (Clément Sibony) también acusa de fraude a Marcelino y a su descubrimiento. El mundo idílico de María se derrumba y sus intentos por ayudar sólo empeoran las cosas. La familia entra en una fuerte crisis y cierra la cueva. Será necesario todo el amor que se tienen para encontrar el camino hacia la redención y el reconocimiento.

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Our educational group partners the bilingual school el centro inglés has an open doors day where you can learn about the school and much more.  Go along and find out what happens there.


Andalusia is generally considered the most beautiful “comunidad” (region) in Spain which is why it receives more tourists than any other area. It is generally the Malaga coastline, the famous “Costa del Sol”, which is the most well known and also the spectacular cities of Sevilla and Granada too.  However the real hidden gem of the comunidad in our opinion is the province of Cadiz which whilst well known with Spanish tourism is not yet flooded with international tourism of other areas.  Its undeveloped beaches, sparking white sand, sherry heritage and white villages make it a gem to discover with so many things to do.  Also the small numbers of international tourists and authentic Spanish culture make it an excellent place to learn Spanish. If you dont trust us, check out the video below and also we have more videos of Cadiz province and El Puerto De Santa Maria.  Come and discover a beautiful neck of the woods.

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School groups tour to Spain video

Spark offers customized school group tours to Spain. The school group programmes include (optional) Spanish classes and cultural activities or city trips. The Spanish classes can be completely catered to needs of the students and there are many cultural activities and city trips available to choose from. This video gives information about the school group programmes and what kind of activities Spark organizes. Also it gives information about the different accomodation options for school groups. In this video I followed and filmed the students from Tudor Hall School from England who were staying with Spanish families. I have gone with them to all the activities they have done and visited two of the Spanish families to see how the students´ experiences were. Both families invited me for dinner and it was really nice to see how the students adapted to the Spanish way of life. This video was probably the most fun one to make, because I was actually involved with the school groups myself joining them during the activities and seeing them enjoy their time here in El Puerto!

This slideshow I have made gives a general impression of the experience of doing a Spanish course in Spark Spanish here in the South of Spain. It is a selection of photos of which I think show the atmosphere in Spark and the life here in El Puerto de Santa Maria best. After four months of living here, I am still really enthusiastic about this particular part of Spain. The weather, beaches, the food and the locals, everything really I like here in El Puerto. Also, the people who work in Spark Spanish are doing their very best to make things as comfortable for the students as possible. So, all I can see is come to El Puerto and discover the Spanish life yourself!