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Family camp logo

Family Camp

Family Camp:

Questo campus si svolge nella nostra scuola privata bilingue a El Puerto de Santa Maria. Qui potrete trovare tutto il necessario per la migliore estate della vostra vita, ad esempio: aule moderne, tavoli per riunione, sale computer, stadi, discoteche, grandi pini, spiagge, piscine, ecc Oltre a questo, si può anche combinare il corso con un vero e proprio programma sportivo! Per vedere altre foto di questo campo: clicca qui

little village logo

Little Village

Little Village:

Little Village is the most  intensive program: 100% English, no books, no classrooms and no grammar.  We guarantee communication between our Spanish students exclusively in English. Apart from that, campers will not only improve their English but also develop personally through our educational projects. To see more photos of this camp: click here.


magic village logo

Magic Village

Magic Village:

This camp focuses on practicing English through educational and cultural projects (music, movies, theater, comics …). You will enhance your fluency here through games, challenges and missions, without emphasizing on grammar. To see more photos of this camp: click here.


Go Camp logo

Go Camp

Go Camp:

Go camp takes place in the same complex as the Family Summer Camp: in our bilingual private school in El Puerto. You will get here a well-developed plan with fun in English and Spanish through lots of activities to improve your language skills. Besides that, you can enjoy here all the facilities designed for children and their language learning. To see more photos of this camp: click here.


family camp gredos logo

Family Camp Gredos

Family Camp Gredos:

The methodology at this camp is one step up from our traditional ¨Full English/Spanish Immersion¨ method which will create more and better contact with the oral language. Apart from that, this camp is the perfect mix of English/Spanish, fun and wellbeing at a country resort with all the facilities for enjoying the nature, adventure and comfort. To see more photos of this camp: click here.

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