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English Summer Camp in Spain

LITTLE VILLAGE: the preeminent English learning camp in the world

From * July 15th – July 28th / 

englische Sommerlager

This is the intensive program where you are looking for: 100% English, no books, no classrooms and no grammar. Only conversation and practice (dare you?). Little Village maintains a program eminently more educational than sporting. To enforce the 100% language rule this camp has an amazing staff ration of under 1 staff for every 2 campers. In this camp, campers not only improve their English but also develop personally through the educational projects and young achievers booklets. Can you imagine: singing, acting, writing a comic book, publishing a magazine, photographing, cooking or directing a movie? You can do it here … IN ENGLISH! We guarantee communication between our Spanish students exclusively in English. There is a native chaperone for every 3 camping guests. All students require a signed form that is given out during enrollment.

AGE RANGE: 13 to 17 years

LOCATION: Pequeña Villa Inglesa at Prado del Rey in Natural Park de Grazalema (Cadiz)

LODGING: Wooden cabins

METHODOLOGY: Total English teens immersion (please note campers are not permitted to speak any Spanish at all in this camp and can be removed from the camp if they dont respect this rule).

ACTIVITIES: Total English – Multi-activities (sports, workshops, journeys, projects and swimming pools)

EXCURSIONS: TECS Banquet, TECS Adventure Walk and Intercamp Competition.

Transfer -> from Córdoba (*), Seville (*), Málaga (*) and Madrid (Also pick-up from Jerez Airport) *only pick up

Arrival hours> 16:00-17:30 Departure hours -> 10:30-13.00 (note this camp has a departure show for parents)


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MEET OUR CAMP Top English learning in a purely conversational program with interesting educational projects and workshops. The daily activities program is very flexible with 3 different options. Daily activities program very flexible with 3 options to choose from. This camp requires a teacher recommendation from intermediate level and commitment of your family.

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