Age Groups

International Camp is divided into three broad age groups*: 6-9 year old Sophomores, 10-12 year old Junior, and 13-17 year old Seniors, although of course cross-over can exist. Each group has its own age group team trained in dealing with theĀ welfare, pastoral care and educational needs of that age range. The team also involves activity, welfare and language coordinators to oversee that age groups’ specific needs in all these areas.


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Features of Age Groups

  • Campers are assigned an age group based on the rough age ranges 6-9, 10-12 and 13-17
  • This age range affects all parts of the day, including class, mealtimes and bedtime. It also affects the type of sports and evening activities that campers take part in
  • Staff are given training based on the age range they will be teaching
  • Coordinators manage the age groups and programmes based on the age range they have responsibilities over

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*During smaller fortnights, part of Sophomores and Junior programme may be joined. Also coordinators may double up age groups in some areas when the camp is smaller.

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