Evening Entertainment

Often the best part of the day for our campers is the evening entertainment.¬†As our campers are divided up by age, the evening entertainment programme is adapted to interests and needs of each age. It is a great chance to interact with the Spanish children and practice Spanish in a safe and inspiring environment. It’s all about singing, dancing, acting, dressing up, playing games, and more! Students will enjoy this part of the day as they develop their self-confidence and have lots of fun!

Evening Entertainments

All the action-packed evening events have been elaborated over the years of running camp, and involve big team competitions like Capture the Flag and Water War, as well as performance nights such as TECS Factor. Casino Night, one of the biggest events of them all, involves fun games where the campers earn tokens to vote for the staff member they wish to be gunked.


The Awards Ceremony at the end of camp rounds off the evening entertainment, as we recognise individual camper achievements and announce the overall winners of Colour War. Campers never fail to appreciate the fun and energy of the evening activities!

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