Outside of Class

With International Camp based in Spain, the Spanish learned outside of class is just as important as the Spanish learned in the classroom. Our Spanish classes intentionally target language learning to focus on the opportunities to use Spanish outside of the classroom, be that on an excursion or trip off-site, during sports or just in a conversation with a native Spanish camper. The opportunities to practise and learn are endless.

Spanish Outside Classroom.png

Ways we maximise the use of Spanish outside of the classroom

  • Students are taught language to use in real life scenarios
  • Bonus points in la guerra de los colores for using more Spanish
  • Spanish teacher eats meals with campers learning Spanish
  • Intercambio meals, students are paired up with children learning English and eat meal as a language exchange
  • Trips and excursions off-site
  • Integration between Spanish and foreign campers to maximise usage of language exchanges


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