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Find out more about the specifics regarding the programme in this menu. Read about our school, with some specifics about its location and the amenities close by. On our accommodation page you can read about our Sparkville building and the other accommodation options that we offer. For more information about our spanish classes have a look at the methodology page with more specifics on our aims for our Spanish classes. In the staff section you can find out more about our staff’s professionalism and motivation. The our levels page gives you more details on the different levels at Spark and how they relate to the common European framework of levels. The Social Events Programme is a quick introduction to the different social and cultural activities that we organise for you and don’t forget to have a look at our  Fresh Approach to learning Spanish page to see why info about special approach to teaching Spanish, which has information about our unique learner booklet as well as info on how we use mediums like songs to promote learning. Last but not least are the frequently asked questions related to our programmes.

Also if you have any query, please dont hesitate to check it with us via our livechat, on skype or via our info request form all available from our contact us page.

8 Comments on “Programme Spanish

  1. Classes were wonderful! Four hours went by very fast! The games helped the most. Having to reuse the new information helped cement it in my brain. Loved Libro Spark de los Records!

  2. I had a great time at Spark. Everyone was really helpful and friendly. The social events were really good as well. I feel that I learned a lot of Spanish in my week at Spark. I really enjoyed the classes.

  3. Buen ambiente, buenas clases/ profesores, un programa cultural variado asi que siempre podia hacer algo con alguien si lo queria.

  4. Spark was a terrific experience, both as an educational opportunity and as an opportunity to meet interesting people from around the world. Classes were ingaging and well divided into separate activities to stay interesting. Our teacher was phenomenal, exceding all expectations, and the Spark Book of Records did help motivate me to practice Spanish outside Spark.

  5. I’ve had a really good time, I feel at home here. I love the community kind of living and all the people are great. I’ve learned Spanish in a very subtle way, like all of a sudden I realised I know quite a lot of things thanks to everyone speaking it to me all the time. In the beginning, it was difficult since everything was in Spanish but after a while I got used to it and I think I learned more thanks to it.

  6. My week at Spark had been very enjoyable. I feel I have learnt more than I thought I would which is due to the good teaching. Learning has been a good experience partly due to the good atmosphere of Spark. Also the staff members are very friendly and the accommodation is good in general

  7. From my experience the only real way to learn a language is to go and actually study in a country where you have to use it! Being surrounded by opportunities to put into practise what you are learning in the classroom, really helps you see improvements and develop the have a go attitude you need. El Puerto offers you loads of chances to do this and much more for sure!

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