School Group Photos

Photo albums:


School Group Classes

School Group Classes:

We offer the opportunity for school groups to learn Spanish through fun and interactive classes, which will be taught in Spanish by qualified native teachers of the language and ensure a total immersion experience. Click here for our class photos.



Sparkville Residence

Sparkville Residence:

Sparkville is our residential area and is on the second floor of the Spark Academy Complex. It has a communal kitchen and dining area which acts as a great social gathering point that adds to the unique Sparkville atmosphere. Click here for a collection of photos of our Sparkville Residence.


Sin título

El Puerto de Santa Maria

El Puerto de Santa Maria:

El Puerto de Santa Maria is a small, friendly and safe town which make it the perfect place for school group trips. It is ideally located with world class beaches and more than 315 days of sunshine per year! To see more photos of this city click here.



School Group Activities

School Group Activities:

This album contains photos of trips throughout Andalusia, an incredibly culturally rich area of Spain with much of what we think of being typically Spanish orginating from the area. To see more of these wonderful pictures click here.



School Group Excursions

School Group Excursions:

Spark is situated in the bay of Cadiz and is the perfect place to discover the Andalusian culture. You will never need to take a very long journey and we are happy to organize excursions to the most beautiful Andalusian cities, nature and theme parks. Click here for some pictures of our school group excursions.



Spark Videos

Spark Videos:

A collection of great videos of what goes on in Spark Spark Spanish. You can watch here also videos about our activities and classes. To watch our videos click here.

Click here for our Spark Spanish photo Gallery

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