Special Returnee Discount

The information on this page refers to returnee summer discount of 2018.


  1. 200€ off a 3+ weeks General Spanish and Accommodation Package
  2. 90€ off a 2 week General Spanish and Accommodation Package.
  3. 40€ off a 1 week General Spanish and Accommodation Package.
  4. 50€ off a 3+ weeks General Spanish Course
  5. 25€ off a 2 week General Spanish Course
  6. 10€ off a 1 week General Spanish Course

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Open only to students who have studied with Spark Spanish before on our adult programmes. This doesn’t include students who attended our school tours or summer camp nor does it include children.
  2. Both discounts are valid only with the 20 class General Spanish Course, and are not valid on work and study programmes nor on intensive course or a-level programmme nor on one to one or evening courses.
  3. If claiming the General Spanish and Accommodation discount, the accommodation must be in Sparkville residence and for that offer both the General Spanish Course and Sparkville residence must be contracted for offer to be applicable.
  4. Discount is off the standard course and accommodation price for contracted period.
  5. The long stay discount is still included but no other discount is applicable. This includes the returnee voucher. The returnee voucher could be gifted to someone else.
  6. Valid for the period: 22.07-29.09.18. Although Spark reserves the right to shorten this time period depending on demand.
  7. Can not be back claimed on any pre-existing booking and can not be claimed twice.
  8. Subject always to course level and accommodation availability. Spark reserves right to limit certain levels to specific weeks and can only guarantee C1 and C2 levels when there is a minimum of 3 students. Availability must always be checked for specific weeks so if you have no flexibility of weeks this must be checked first.
  9. This offer can be taken up for any booking done prior to the end of May 2018. However it is limited to the first 20 returnee bookings. Spark reserves the right to shorten or extend this date depending on demand.
  10. 1 voucher per returnee although couples or friends could each claim one if both have studied at spark before.
  11. Subject to all other general terms and conditions.

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