TECS College: best English camp in Spain

Best English Camp in Spain

* July 15th – July 28th

TECS College is the ultimate English summer camp in Spain, but to think of it just as a language camp just doesn’t do it credit.  The camp is like a step between school and university and instead of English being the objective it is rather the medium.  The goal is to teach life skills through English.

TECS College: English Camp in SpainAll students in this camp will learn how to work with children and have the possibility to prove they are good enough to be a future Camp Counselors.  They will also do workshops which teach them vital life skills including: writing a c.v., making presentations, public speaking, practicing a job interview, health living and eating and managing a budget.  Each student will be able to apply (yes apply not choose) to a development project group with there being three options: Dramatic Arts, Youth Enterprise and Student Council.  The dramatic arts group writes, produces and performs a drama production.  Not just any production though but one which sends powerful message about values.  The youth enterprise group sets up a company and markets and sells a product as well as dealing with managing a budget.  If they are successful they’ll donate their profits to a local charity.  Finally the student council actually runs parts of the camp programme, being responsible for the activities chosen in the middle of the day as well as for some of the evening entertainments and one of the weekend days.  Also they are responsible for passing on message from the director to the other students.  All in all it is an incredible camp and the feedback in the two years it has been running has been phenomenal.  Check out the videos yourself as images speak louder than words:

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TECS College Video:

Student Experience Video:

Please note children wishing to attend this camp must have a B1 level of English.  Also they would be required to fill out an application form before being formally accepted onto the camp.  If you child doesnt yet have a B1, we suggest Little Village as an alternative.

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