Reviews: Sparkville Residence and Atmosphere

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Below is a review video made by a past Spark student about the Sparkville residence and atmosphere in Spark in general.  Student somments are also available below the video and other review pages, including opinions on cultural events programmes, staff, location and spark in general.

You will also find further comments on individual pages and on third part pages here.

Thanks to all students for their contributions!

45 Comments on “Reviews: Sparkville Residence and Atmosphere

  1. This has definitely made me want to keep learning and improving my Spanish.

  2. I got a lot more than I had expected both in terms of spainsh improvement but also making new friends and experiencing Spain. Lots of hospitality, helpfulness and friendly attitudes.

  3. I love it here and I never want to leave. The staff have been so nice and I have made a lot of good friends.

  4. New school with very experienced staff in a different fields of education. They do care about quality of studies and every single student. Friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcome.

  5. Leuk, enthusiast team en voor ons een heel warm welkom. Beetje @thuis2 komen na een half jaar! Muchas gracias!

  6. All were welcoming and helpful. I found Doug and Inge and Lucia particularly welcoming, acted as friends and made me feel comfortable and part of the place!

  7. There is a nice ambience throughout Spark and all the staff who live and work there are very good at making everyone feel welcome!
    All staff have the right personality for the job. Nico was the perfect host during our trip to San Fernando, very friendly, funny and good at prompting Spanish. Ceci was a super teacher.

  8. Had a very great time with all of you, Kevin, Adam, Charlotte and Hanna in particular. Loved to be around you guys, keep up the good work!!

  9. Thank you to all. Thanks to Lucia for great classes and Inge and Douglas for all the help before coming!

  10. Awesome staff!!! Lucia is an incredible great teacher and a lovely person! Enjoyed her classes a lot. Douglas and Inge are really engaged in what they do! Great persons! English teachers- Loved hanging out with you! Mental!

  11. Full marks. I was well taken-care of always but not suffocated with attention at all.

  12. Spark is wonderful! It’s obvious that the staff works hard and truly cares about the business and doing their best. This is a rare quality in many businesses and one that will surely get Spark apart from the rest.

  13. I really had a nice time and the staff was very great. Everyone were very nice and friendly. I really liked being at Spark.

  14. All staff members are great and it was a pleasure to see them again and meet the new ones! Everybody is friendly, nice and helpful all the time and that makes me feel welcome anytime! Thank you all!

  15. Client attention is really good. We got all the information we needed and quickly. We had a feeling that you took care of us really well.

  16. A nice and friendly place where everybody wants to know something about you and want that you feel comfortable!!! Nothing changed 🙂

  17. I really had a fantastic stay here at Spark. What could I ask for more? Nicer staff I’ve ever seen, perfect weather, superb lesson of Spanish. I was here to be able to speak Spanish. Mission accomplished! And I didn’t even feel I was in class 🙂 I always had help for anything I asked.

  18. Muchas gracias por un buen tiempo en Spark! Me encanta que todos son tan amables y abiertos. Se encuentran muchas personas interesantes aquí!

  19. It has been the most pleasant learning experience of my life! I have over 20 years of accumulated learning experience and my time at Spark has exceeded by far all of the classes I ever took. Learning Spanish here was effortless and fun and the cultural programme was a great touch. Never a dull moment! It’s been a joy to know everyone here -you’re a fun, friendly bunch but at the same time VERY professional!

  20. Spark has excellent and commited people. Professional and friendly. Please continue this initiative!

  21. Pude hacer y leer todo lo que quería y hablar español con españoles y sudamericanos. Estaba una experiencia unica para mi.

  22. Het waren leuke leerzame en gezellige weken. Het personeel is aardig en erg behulpzaam. Zeker aan te raden aan colleg´s/vrienden en familie (die spaans willen leren). De sociale activiteiten zijn zeker ook erg goed en leerzaam

  23. Het was een fijne ervaring zeker voor herhaling vatbaar. Ik had een goede lerares en de culturele activiteiten waren zeker van toegevoegde waarde. Ze waren leuk, leerzaam en interessant.

  24. High motivated team, nice rooms, friendly city, cool beaches!! Amelia was a highly motivated teacher. ¡Muchas muchas gracias!

  25. Uitzonderlijk zelden zulk een gemotiveerd team aan het werk gezien. Voelde echt als een tweede thuis

  26. Ha sido un placer conocer a toda la gente de Spark. Nos veremos en el futuro.

  27. Me gustaron mucho las clases de español y las diferentes actividades de enseñanza. ¡Lo pasamos bomba!

  28. I had a very nice time here at Spark. I liked the mixture between lessons and free time and I also enjoyed the feeling to join the Group whenever I wanted to but feeling free at the same time to do other things. The staff were always friendly and helpful. I also liked the atmosphere in Spark in General.

  29. The staff were friendly and kind, the teachers were interesting with indivdual methodology. The communal areas were super, the rooms were clean and there was a good atmosphere in the classes and the classrooms.

  30. The school was very nice. The teacher was very friendly and nice the whole time.
    Thanks for all, for the possibility to stay here for another week even thought there was not really space for me. Thanks to everyone for being friendly. It made it easy to feel welcome here.

  31. Spark has a lot of potential to become a really good language school. I loved the staff and teachers. We had a great room, a great time and most of the time great weather. It was great and I would recommend it to others.

  32. Everyone is friendly and always smiling! Thanks to everyone for everything!

  33. Vanessa (overall experience):very very very good! Not everything was / went perfect, but everybody at Spark tried his best to fulfill our needs and wishes.

    Gema and Maria Jose: I really enjoyed the classes. We often laughed and had a lot of fun. Muchas Gracias.
    James, Nico and Almudena: Thank you for everything. We know that you work lot but even during your breaks and free time you are always nice and helpful.
    Thanks also to Inge and Douglas for arranging everything.

    Best decision made to come to Puerto and to learn Spansih at Spark. I will never forget this experience. Thanks for being Sparked.

  34. For the first 3 weeks of classes and activities I think the company will go quite far. All (most of it) was really well done. Thank you for those 3 amazing weeks in el Puerto de Santa Maria

  35. Keep on smiling and taking it serious and please always safe this familiar lovely Sparkville atmosphere!!!

  36. Creo que ha sido una de las mejores experienceias en mi vida. Conocer a vosostros de “Spark Equipo” ha sido un placer de verdad de corazón. Espero volver a veros muy muy pronto! Os quiero muchísimo!

  37. All in all I am leaving Spark with a happy and smiling face 🙂 *y tambien un ojo triste*. I really liked the teachers and also the students who made my 3 weeks unforgettable :). I learned some Spanish and that-s all I wanted to achieve for my beginners level. I am coming back when I want to learn more 🙂

    The teachers I had were so excellent good that I always wanted to have them both in my pocket when I am speaking Spanish 🙂 – Almu for grammar and Nico for speaking 😉

    I like Spark 🙂 and I get to know really nice people who are all unique! Keep going being a nice Spanish school 🙂 that is really chuli and familiar!

  38. It was a great time with a lot of fun. The teachers are great, especially Almu. Well organized. Thanks for Sparking me up.

    When I had problems or asked someone for help, it was already anyone of you there who could help me all the time.

    Stay as you are, a great team, also with Audrey, very well organized, well done and I wish you the best for the future… I hope for the future that your small company will grow up and get famous, because it´s a great thing… Good luck I will come back.

  39. Prima ervaring. Intens, de wil om het goed te organiseren is zicht- en voelbaar. De open houding om feedback te ontvangen is indrukwekkend. Spark in Spanje wil zich ontwikkelen en groeien… Onze lessen waren afwisselend, theory – praktijk en creatief. .. Vanaf het allereerste contact een positief en zeer welkom gevoel. Hartelijk dank voor een intensieve week waarin iedereeen zijn / haar best deed om spaans te leren / te doceren.

  40. Onwijs leuke ervaring hier gehad, leuke gelegenheid. “Probleempjes” werden snel verholpen. De lessen vond ik erg goed. Ik vond onze docent geweldig, hij deed het heel goed en leuk, we hebben veel gelachen! De leraar is creatief, goed voorbereid en inmproviseert goed om dingen uit te leggen.

  41. The level of professionalism and excellence that the management put into their language programmes was second to none. I learned more than I bargained for and I had an amazingly fun time doing so. I couldn’t recommend a more professional, innovative, educational, fun and all rounded language learning experience…

  42. I have worked for, and alongside, a lot of the members that make up the Spark team and I have never seen such passionate and hard working people in my life. Nowhere else will you see people work late into the night after everyone else is asleep, just to make sure everything is perfect for the next day!

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