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Scroll DownBelow is where past students can leave comments about the Spark Spanish programme, including comments about the cultural events programme and spark staff.  You will also find further comments on individual pages.

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Thanks to all students for their contributions.
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35 Comments on “Reviews: Programme

  1. Very good, had a great time. Met a lot of people. ‘Viva Espana y Spark’ “Ole”

  2. I think it is so good that you are in an environment where everything is in spanish, because then you have to force yourself to try you Spanish.

  3. I’ve had a great time, thank you all! And I’m definitely going to try to learn more Spanish and recommend Spark.

  4. I had a wonderful time and you made me feel welcome. I don’t want to leave! I will miss my time here.

  5. It is great that you have so many different activities, that even at my third time here I did things which were new for me! 🙂

  6. I really enjoyed being here for three weeks. It was the perdect mixture of learning the language as well as the culture and the wonderful region. I’m looking forward to coming back.

  7. Buen ambiente, buenas clases/ profesores, un programa cultural variado asi que siempre podia hacer algo con alguien si lo queria.

  8. I had a great time at Spark. Everyone was really helpful and friendly. The social events were really good as well. I feel that I learned a lot of Spanish in my week at Spark. I really enjoyed the classes.

  9. Classes were wonderful! Four hours went by very fast! The games helped the most. Having to reuse the new information helped cement it in my brain. Loved Libro Spark de los Records!

  10. I’ve had a really good time, I feel at home here. I love the community kind of living and all the people are great. I’ve learned Spanish in a very subtle way, like all of a sudden I realised I know quite a lot of things thanks to everyone speaking it to me all the time. In the beginning, it was difficult since everything was in Spanish but after a while I got used to it and I think I learned more thanks to it.

  11. Spark was a terrific experience, both as an educational opportunity and as an opportunity to meet interesting people from around the world. Classes were ingaging and well divided into separate activities to stay interesting. Our teacher was phenomenal, exceding all expectations, and the Spark Book of Records did help motivate me to practice Spanish outside Spark

  12. I had a very good time at Spark,, very energéticas profesoras who was more than happy to help us understand and to get us involved to get the best education,,,, very intense and rapid education…

    not to forget the dance and the social things 😀

    keep the good work up

  13. I like it really that you are using so different parts for learning: playing, speaking, leaving and go out on the street and speak to the people, use the book, the internet. With fun everything is much easier!!!

  14. I had just a great time here! I think the atmosphere is great, all the people was nice and the teachers were superb! I think I learned a lot and I got a really good base to build on my language skills, so really happy with that.

  15. The classes are varied, interesting and amusing and there is no way to get bored 🙂 I like that the teaching doesn’t follow a strict obedience of rules and that there is enough time to switch to another topic, to make an excursion to another topic if the students have questions besides the actual topic. Besides I do really like the fact that the teachers explain everything ONLY in Spanish and are explaining in such an amazing way that you nearly understand everything, even if you don’t understand every single word. Every sigle cultural event in the programme was great and amazing fun! I learned a lot of vocabulary, especially at the Spanish in Action events. Although I have been here for the second time there was nothing I had already done. Thank you for taking that into account!

  16. I went to all the cultural events in the programme in order to try to improve my Spanish speaking. The barbeques were particularly appreciated for the ability to get to know other students and they were great fun -due mostly to excellent facilitation by the staff. The bodega trip stands out as being particularly fascinating. However, I found all the cultural events to be excellent, all staff friendly and welcoming, and the whole atmosphere of Sparkville has been excellent.

  17. It has been a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience! I think the atmosphere -being so close-knit and friendly- is unique and pleasantly relaxed! I really liked the balance of 4 hours of lessons per day plus the cultural events.

  18. La profesora estaba muy activa y todos los alumnos podían participar. Los asuntos en clase fueron variados y interesantes.

  19. I have had a great time at Spark. The personel was wonderful. The teacher Amelia has great teaching skills and is very patient and friendly. also she has a good way of explaining things. All staff members were really very kind and make you feel at home. The whole process from signing up with spark (through Mitch) till the classes and social events with the staff was super

  20. A great mix of learning, relaxing and meeting people.

  21. Gema, muchas gracias por tus clases tan agradables y divertidas.

  22. Really friendly staff, good!, really good!!, Keep it up!!!

  23. An excellent concept: an international team of teachers and students living together in a school in a native speakers environment.

  24. I like the attitude of the staff, especially Almudena, Amelia, Neil and James whom I had the most contact with, keep up the good work.

  25. Great, friendly and helpful staff, nice facilities and a good learning experience.

  26. Ik wil idereen bedanken voor een practige week (I want to thank everybody for a beautiful week).

    Inge je bent enorm behulpzaam geweest ook al vantevoren wat het ook voor Alex en Cristina erg vergemakkelijkte (ook Audrey trouwens).

    Nicolas heeft met zijn vrolijke noot en gitaarspel ook zijn stempel gedrukt net als James (Osborne tour) en Almudena (strand / lunch). (Nicolas with his enthusiasm and guitar play has put a positive note on everything, just like James (Osborne tour) and Almudena (beach / lunch).

    Maria Jose: ze was enorm gezellig in de klas, altijd qua uitleg van de stof met een persoonlijk of informeel voorbeeldje klaar. (Maria Jose: she was very ‘gezellig’ in the lessons, with many personal or informal examples to explain).

  27. * client attention* nada que decir, soís perfectos y muy atentos!

    Inge: eres super eficiente y tambien muy cordial!
    Almu: Adoro cuando hablas italiano y intentas a hablarlo mi amorcita! No cambies nunca! Te quiero mucho!
    Nico: Gracias por todo… ya sabes que pienso que eres un super profesor y que eres una persona super especial. Para mi ha sido un placer inmenso conocerte y hablar contigo! Te quiero mucho!
    Maria Jose: mi linda profersora muy muy guapa! Te deseo lo mejor en tu vida y wue se cumplan todos tus deseos!
    Douglas: mucha suerte ha sido un placer conocerte!
    gracias de corazón!

  28. Iedereen is enorm vriendelijk en behulpzaam en jij Inge, ga zo door, het wordt vast een groot succes!

  29. Almudena was super enthousiast, erg leuk. Inge compleet geïnformeerd met emails en vragen.

  30. Je trouve que c’est un prof excellent, et le cours est comme une grande mise en abime ou l´on saute de jeu en jeu avec un rythme tres naturel tout en apprenant beaucoup. Personne n´est mis a l´écart, au contraire, fue un real placer.

  31. The teacher (Maria Jose) was excellent. We had a great variety of activities to practice all the skills and the grammar. She provided an excellent balance of fun in the class and serious teaching. The books were really good as well.

    I’ve learned loads these 2 weeks + my confidence has grown – hopefully my motivation to learn will continue!

    Maria Jose – thanks for the excellent classes! Really fun but as well focused on all areas of learning.

  32. Querida Evelyn, querida Maria Jose: Os agradezco mucho el entusiasmo y la energía que desplegáis preparando y dando las clases (además de tantas otras cualidades). De hecho en muy poco tiempo habéis sido capaces de orientar un programa casi individual y a medida…la señora de limpieza es muy simpatica..

  33. Great experience! Glad I’ve been here. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Almudena is always well prepared and I enjoyed the lessons

  34. Het enthousiasme dat ALLE leden van the staff hebben is erg aanstekelijk en maakt dat ik alles met plezier deed! … Er was een erg persoonlijk contact waarin duidelijk alles gesteld werd. … Ik heb het erg naar mijn zin gehad en geloof in jullie methode.. Ik zal het zeker bij andere mensen aanbevelen!

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