Visa to Study in Spain: info and requirements

***Please bear in mind that the information on this page is a guideline to applying for a student visa as we understand the process.  Please note that in general visa regulations are subject to change frequently and therefore we can not guarantee this info is 100% uptodate but nevertheless we are confident it is an accurate guideline at the time publishing. ***

Below you can find useful information about who needs a Visa to go to Spain and how this done. Although there are some documents that need to be filled out and presented at the Spanish consulate getting a student visa to Spain in general is a relatively easy process.

Who needs a Visa?

1) Citizens from the European Union, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland do not need a Visa and can enter Spain with a valid Identification Card or Passport.

2) The following nationalities can stay up to 90 days in Spain without a Visa. For stays of longer than 90 days, a visa is required for citizens of the following countries:

Andorra, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Israel, Japan, Korea (Rep. of), Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands Antilles, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Poland, San Marino, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Uruguay, USA, Vatican City and Venezuela.

3) By all other countries a Visa is obligatory regardless of the duration of stay.

How to get a Visa?

The standard process of getting a visa is described below but as each Spanish consulate have slightly different rules (or interpret the official regulations differently) the first thing you will have to do when you have signed up for your course and if you need a student visa is to contact the nearest Spanish consulate for full information about what is needed (click here to find the nearest embassy or consulate in your country). Getting a student visa can take from one week to several months so we will strongly recommend you to start the application process as early as possible or at least get a confirmation from the consulate about approximately how long time the process will take.

Click here for official information about long-term visas applications from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  The previous link can also be accessed in Spanish version here which includes a link to the official visa application.

Documentation needed:

In general, the following documents are needed when applying for a visa:

  • A correctly completed printed visa application
  • A passport valid for the duration of period specified in the visa application, student ID, ID
  • Recent passport photographs, envelopes
  • Confirmation letter from the Spanish school > this will be provided by Spark when 25% of the total course fee has been paid.  We will ask for a minimum deposit of 275€ *1.
    • Please note for stays longer than 90 days this letter may not be enough as long term study visas are usually only issued to university students.
  • Health insurance covering all medical expenses for the duration of the stay and repatriation costs associated with an accident or sudden illness.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to study in Spain (copy of scholarship certificate or financial help, letter from parents or tutors taking full responsibility for the accommodation costs and living expenses)
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Health Certificate

Please note that you may need to leave your passport with the Spanish Consulate of your country whilst your visa application is being processed.

*1: in the event the visa process was unsuccessful, we would return this 25% minus small administration fees for transfers as long as we were informed of this 1 months before course start date.  In the effort of being informed only one month before course start date, we remain right to withhold a further amount for any cancellation costs Spark accrued from down payments on accommodation bookings.  No refund is possible if the cancellation takes place within 10 days of the start of the course.

Visa application and enrolling with Spark

  1. We suggest that any student who requires a visa should have researched the visa process for their country before enrolling on a course.  In general the procedure works as indicated above.  However as noted the process can take time.
  2. Student enrolls with Spark paying the minimum deposit stated and request the study letter from Spark.
  3. Student presents their documentation, as above, and applies for the student visa.
  4. Student informed Spark of the result of the application and pays the remaining course fees before the start of the course.

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