Spanish in Cadiz, Andalusia

Spanish in El Puerto de Santa Maria

Andalucia (Andalusia as known in English) is by far the most visited comunidad (state/region) in Spain and with good reason.  Many of Spain’s finest beaches are located in Andalusia as are many of its most beautiful cities.  Also Andalusia is an incredibly culturally rich area of Spain with much of what we think of being typically Spanish orginating from the area, flamenco, ferias and sherry wine to name but a few.  Andalusia is also geographically speaking a fascinating place having: the wettest part of Spain per annual rainfall in the micro-climate of the sierra of Grazalema (Cadiz province), the only desert, and proud home of Spaghetti Westerns in Almeria, the tallest mountain in mainlaind Spain in Mulhacen in the Sierra Nevada in Granada not to mention the kms and kms of beautiful beaches.  It really is true that in Andalusia you can ski, sunbathe and party the night away all in one day!  All of this makes it no surprise that Andalusia is not only the most popular tourist area in Spain but also that it is the most popular place for Spanish Language Learners.

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Andalusia is made up of seven provinces each of which have their own “encanto” as one would say in Spanish.  The province of Cadiz is certainly full of charm, rich history and culture.  The hub of cultural activity in the province is undoubtedly focused around the Bay of Cadiz where the provincial capital Cadiz is located but also where our own wonderful and beloved city of El Puerto de Santa Maria lies, across the beautiful bay opposite the city of Cadiz.  Cadiz city is said to be the oldest city in Europe founded by the Phonecians and having constant settlement ever since.  The peninsula shape of the city, where at parts the narrow stretch of land is less than a km wide, makes it a joyful place to visit and pass time, with the Vaporcito boat trip from El Puerto de Santa Maria being a special treat.  El Puerto de Santa Maria itself is a charming authentic Spanish town with its own rich history and vibrant Andaluz culture.  The fact that it is favoured destination for domestic Spanish tourism makes it a lively place with an active nightlife and restaurant scene.  Also its five wonderful beaches and great year round climate make it a great place to relax and get away from things.

This video captures the true essence of Cadiz Province and shows just how amazing this province is from Cadiz city itself, to Jerez de la Frontera, to here in El Puerto de Santa Maria.

We of course, love Spain, love Andalusia, love the province of Cadiz and really love the city of El Puerto de Santa Maria and would love to tell you more so you can decide if it is the place for you.  Why not send us an email, request a call back or chat with a Spark Assistant via our contact us area.  Also check out our Spanish Courses, we promise you won’t regret it!

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