Sports + Activity Time

At International Camp, our sports and activity period is jam-packed with fun and educational activities. Included in the base programme price is Multi-Activity, a mix of sporting activities done in our state-of-the-art facility, plus drama and music sessions, robotics and trips down to the local beach. For a small extra weekly cost, children can choose our fantastic Super Cool option, a collection of Water Sports with a different activity each day. It is possible to choose to do one week of Multi-Activity and one week of Super Cool. Activity period runs from 16-20.00 each day, although some variations exist depending on daily schedule.


Multiactivity: our most complete sports and activity programme. It involves a different set of sports and activities each day, with normally 3-4 different activities per day. These activities include basketball, football, volleyball, uni-hockey and swimming, as well as trips to the beach, and drama and dance classes. All in all it is the most complete package, offering an excellent mix of activities for no additional cost.

Super Cool: a mix of water sports with a different water sports activity every day. It includes kayaking, small boat sailing, windsurfing, surfing and beach activities. It is a fantastic introduction to water sports and a great way to make the most of the beach and sea. It is 95€ extra per week and is run by an external company who are experts in water safety. Bus transportation is provided there and back, and camp monitors accompany the children.


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