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Are you an individual looking for one – to – one classes? Or are you a group wanting to study together in a class? Or a parent looking for a closed group catered to the specific learner needs of their children?  Either way, we have the courses for you! Prices for each Spanish Course Option:

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 One to One Classes: BATCHED Fixed Timetable by Spark p/weekClosed Group BATCHED Fixed Timetable by Spark p/week One to One Classes FLEXI Varying Timetable P/class
Prices5 one to one: 125€
10 one to one: 225€
15 one to one: 325€
20 one to one: 425€
all must be done in one calendar week.
as left + 50€ 5 hours / 100€ 10 hours / 150€ 15 hours/ 200 € 20 hours per 1 person. Any extra person thereafter is per person: 25€ 5 hours / 50€ 10 hours / 75€ 15 hours/ 100 €
all must be done in one calendar week.
27€ per hour 09.30-20.00
Spanish Classes1 – 4 hours per day, between 09-15.00 but timetable set by Spark.as fixed timetable one to one.flexible times and days (weekdays)  but must be pre-agreed week to week.
Includedclass  materials, unless specific language focus*1as fixed timetable one to one.class  materials, unless specific language focus*1.
WhenAll year round.All year round.All year round.
Conditions– Min 5 classes per week.


– Class timetable fixed by Spark and can not be changed.

as fixed timetable one to one.Min 5 classes
Discounts2-3 weeks = 5%/ 3 weeks= 7.5% / 4+ weeks= 10% as fixed timetable one to one.10% on 10 or more classes paid in one go.

Course Descriptions

All classes are catered to your wants and needs so are great for improving your Spanish at a fast pace. They are perfect if you want to study a specific purpose, such as for the DELE exam as they are the perfect way to learn specific aspects of the language. The difference between one to one fixed timetable and one to one varying timetable is the former has fixed amount of classes per week at a timetable set by spark (between 09-15.00) and latter has open amount of classes a student can choose to do per week and also the student can request a specific timetable. All one to one can be combined with accommodation options.

If you like the idea of these courses or if you have any questions about these courses please do not hesitate to contact us!

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*1 for example if students were doing DELE prep they would need to purchase this book.

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