Work and Study Spanish in Spain

work and study Spanish in Spain

If you are looking for an affordable way to study Spanish in Spain in which you can learn useful job skills for the future, why not combine studying Spanish and working at Spark? This will be a great way to gain valuable insights into working life and to build up your repertoire of skills. Working in Spain also gives you the opportunity to experience working abroad and develop your Spanish language skills. All these factors contribute to personal and professional development and it looks great on your CV!

At Spark we offer 2 possible opportunities to work and study Spanish in Spain, offering an excellent combination between learning Spanish and gaining valuable work experience, not to forget having a great time!

IMG_0035Work Experience in Spain with Spark

If you are interested in a very affordable Spanish course, then why not join our team and become our new Spark Staff Member? We are always looking for individual talents, be it in languages, designing, marketing or IT!


IMG_3694Become a Demi-Pair in Spain

Being a Demi-Pair gives you the opportunity to work as an Au-Pair with more free time available to allow you to focus more on your Spanish learning. Click on title to find out how to become a Demi-Pair!

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