Spanish Courses for Children

Course for every child

We have a range of opportunities for children to learn and discover Spanish. All programmes have been created to allow young people to experience something they would never normally be able to. During the summer we offer lots of options, including: family programmes and Spanish for Teens (including A-Level add on option). Year round we can provide great personal programmes: one to one classes or closed group for siblings/friends and also a family stay + spanish classes for teens and work study option (in houde). See below for more specific information.

Spanish and Homestay Programme for Teenagers

The Spanish for teens programme is great option for students learning Spanish in safe and beautiful area. It can be combined with add on A-Level/IB revision or just done on its on. Great combination of learning, cultural activities and with option of staying with a spanish family or in our amazing spark residence. Our school group prorgammes have prepared for organizing great programmes for this age range. What more could you ask for? Read more…

Family Program

We offer families the opportunity to improve their Spanish at Spark together. They each learn Spanish in their own classes, whilst also staying in our sparkville residence. What a great option for a summer holiday. Read more…


One to One and Closed Group: These are private classes adapted specifically to the level and need of the children. Classes are booked in blocks of 5-20 classes per week. Excellent option for fast progress.

Work and Study for Teens: learn Spanish, stay with a family and learn vital work skills. What more could you want for a productive learning experience.


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