Spanish + Homestay for TEENS

Increase your Spanish grades

Are you currently studying for your Spanish AS/A2-level or IB or your country’s equivalente? Do you want to increase your Spanish grades for your upcoming exams? Then our TEEN Spanish Course + Homestay experience is exactly what you’re looking for!

The classes are taught by a teacher with A-level knowledge and experience, who will focus specifically on the areas the student needs to focus on. In addition, there is one hour per day of supervised homework, to ensure the students capture as much knowledge as possible.


Key aspects

Classes Specially designed for students who are preparing for their AS/A2- level exams (or equivalent exams), with total immersion in the Spanish language.
Timetable Year Round: one to one classe (7.5 hours) s or micro group with 2-4 students twice daily (10 classes a week) plus set daily homework + complete family stay. Class times in morning. ***Please note with this option student is always placed in homestay with a family with a child of same apx age and gender***. Also classes in this option need not be A-Level focus they could be general spanish or focus on GCSE for example.
Content All four skills: listening, writing, speaking, reading. Practising by answering past exam papers.
Students per class Year round could be 1-4 students. Summer could be 1-6 students.
Accommodation  Spanish host family  with a child of the apx same age and of the same gender.
Course dates

Available year round; see notes in “timetable”.

Age Range Exam prep: 15-19.
Cultural Activities and Transfers
The student will benefit from cultural exposure with their family and also if a group of students the Spanish teacher will on occassions organize cultural activities. The events are organized free but students pay for their own food or transport or entrance tickets if these things are required.  All books included. Transfers are available on arrival Sundays and departure Saturdays from Jerez airport 40€ / Seville airport 75€ (all costs given are one-way).
Prices Spanish + Homestay: 659€ – 1 week / 1229€ – 2 weeks, additional weeks thereafter +559€. For this option Spanish Course without accommodation: 275€ per week (availaibility for this option must be checked).
Food Homestay is full board.


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