Spanish Evening Class

уроки испанского языка

Spanish Evening Class in El Puerto de Santa Maria

The evening class is the perfect course for people living in the local area and wishing to improve their Spanish at a manageable pace that fits with their other every day commitments.  These classes involve a one and a half hour class once a week with focus on progression in all areas but especially in oral learning. Students who do the evening class could also combine it with one to one classes to fully max out their learning. All just for 55€ a month*2.

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Elementary + Intermediate

(advanced also organized if 3 students of that level).


Elementary 17.25-18.40 Wednesday

Intermediate 17.25-18.40 Monday


*timetable could vary 5-15 mins either way. All changes would be communicated ahead of time.


Intermediate: Monday 17.25-18.40

Elementary: Wednesday 17.25-18.40

Advanced not set yet but if we get three students we’ll form it.

*All levels must have a min of 3 students to run and keep running.

Months Mid September (starting mid month) – to end of June
Price 55€ per month, except September.


35€ if a student joins half way through a month (2 and under classes = half, 3 and more = full month).

Conditions Classes do not run on national or local holidays.

*1: Running each level does depend on there being a minimum 3 students per level. All levels stated are apx and based primarily on oral level. Students would be placed in the level running which is most similar to them, as we can not open more than 3 levels.

*2: Students can not choose the day, there is a different level running on either 2 or 3 days a week. Consult us to know which days.

Spanish in El Puerto: other options for Local Learners

Another popular alternative is forming your own closed group or private class. In this option you can decide exactly how you wish the classes to be as you have your own private teacher for your group. Your teacher can follow a standard General Spanish course progression or can focus specifically on a skill area, it is really up to you. Of course the most complete option, available August for those who have time is attending our 20 hour intensive General Spanish Courses which runs in the mornings 10-14.00.

Don’t hesitate to contact us or pop round if your require more information as we would be delighted to attend you. We are a 5 minute walk from El Puerto Bull ring and hospital.

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