Family Programme

We now offer families the opportunity to have a wonderful Spanish language learning holiday together at Spark.  The parents follow our General Spanish Course in our Adult Spanish Academy, while the kids attend our fantastic international summer camp (about 10 mins walk from Spark), and all taking place in wonderful El Puerto de Santa Maria on the south-west coast of Spain, in Andalusia.


The programme

Adult Courses: 4 hours of class per day (including a 15 minute break) 09.30-13.30 and 4 cultural activities per week during day and/or at night.*1.

+ Option A: ¨Day Campers Full¨: Children will be at Summer Camp from 09.15 to 20.00, and will be provided with lots of language input, sports and a complete entertainment programme. *2

+ Option B: ¨Day Campers Half¨: Both the children will have classes and games (before and after class) from 09.15 – 14.00, after which you can pick up your son/daughter and enjoy your free time, or join the cultural activities at Spark. *3


*0 If conflict exists in prices or dates, they are correct as on this page, not in brochure.

*1 Families can bring their children to these, as long as they respect the dynamics of the cultural activity and understand their children are their responsibility during these activities.

*2 Depending on age of child classes will be 3-4 hours.  During all other time children will be looked after and play games.  Classes can be provided in English or Spanish for children.  All classes are given by native speakers of those languages.

*3 As above for class. Lunch and Snack included.  Arts and Crafts/Projects after lunch and sports approximately 16.00-20.00.  Arts and Crafts and Sports activities are conducted by monitors in English, but social language of the campers is Spanish as most campers are Spanish speakers.

What else is included?

  • Free wifi in Sparkville + School
  • Emergency Contact Numbers
  • All class material for adult course and camp
  • Innovative learning methodology

Summer Camp Brochure

Dates 2020

All programmes have a 2 or 4 week course option:

Dates + Days Start Date (Sundays) End Date (Saturdays)
1st Fortnight August 26th July 08th August
2nd Fortnight August 09th August 22nd August
4 week August 26th July 22nd August

Prices 2020
Course ONLY 
All for 2 weeks*0 Half Day Campers*1 Full Day Campers *2
1 Adult + 1 child 799€ 1049€
Extra price per adult or child*5 405€ (adult) 399€ (child) 400 405€ (adult) 699€ (child)
4 weeks 1499€ 1929€

Book Now

Accommodation in Sparkville Residence
Double En-Suite PLUS*3 Double Premium*4
+ 480€ (per room for 1 adult + 1 child) + 600€ (per room for 1 adult + 1 child)
Extra rooms: + 270€ (if 1 extra single room) + 420€ (if one extra room shared) – both based on kids being in a ensuite standard room. Extra rooms: + 270€ (if 1 extra single room) + 420€ (if one extra room shared) – both based on kids being in a ensuite standard room.
For extra adult or child NOT doing course*5, + 75€ per person joining a 2 person room (max 4 in 1 room). For extra adult or child NOT doing course, + 100€, per person joining a 2 person premium room (max 4 in 1 room).
4 weeks x 2 of all options selected above. 4 weeks x 2 of all options selected above.

Transfers on Sunday arrivals are possible from Jerez airport for 40€ per family (two families can come together for 40€ each if all fit in 8 seater van).

*0: Price combines Adult General Spanish Course + summer camp as below.

*1: Half day camp is from 09.15-14.00 and involves class for 3-4 hours depending on age, plus games and supervision whilst waiting for parental pick-up.

*2: Full day 09.15-20.00, includes class, lunch and snack and arts and sport activities (multiactivity). For additional costs: Water Sports can be contracted. Also includes supervision until child picked up.

*3: Based on parent and child sharing same room with two individual beds. Communal self catering facilities available in residence. Includes access to roof and all other communal areas.

*4: Premium rooms have guaranteed air-conditioning, safe, own fridge and exterior window.

*5: It is possible to add one child or adult to the same room. This price gives access to whole facility and optional participation in cultural events programme but doesn’t include class. If a family wanted to add one child or adult to same room and do the course the price for an extra child or adult is the course price to left + this accommodation add on.


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