Family Programme

We now offer families the opportunity to have a wonderful Spanish language learning holiday together at Spark.  The parents follow our General Spanish Course in our Adult Spanish Academy, while the kids attend our fantastic spanish day camp , and all taking place in wonderful El Puerto de Santa Maria on the south-west coast of Spain, in Andalusia.

The programme

Adult Courses: 3 hours of class per day 09.30-12.30 and 3-4 cultural activities per week during day and/or at night.*1.

+ Day Camp: Both the children will have classes and games (before and after class) from 09.30 – 14.00, after which you can pick up your son/daughter and enjoy your free time, or join the cultural activities at Spark. *3


*1 Families can bring their children to these, as long as they respect the dynamics of the cultural activity and understand their children are their responsibility during these activities.

*2 Classes are 1.5 hours and activities 3.5 hours.  During all other time children will be looked after and play games.  Classes are provided in Spanish by a native teacher. The out of class activities are mixed with children learning English on Camp offering a language exchange environment.

What else is included?

  • Free wifi in Sparkville + School
  • Emergency Contact Numbers
  • All class material for adult course and camp
  • Innovative learning methodology

Dates 2021 28.06-14.08.21

All programmes start on Sunday and end a Saturday for accommodation options. For classes and activities these run on week days, although often there will also be a cultural activity on Saturdays when a lot of students.

Prices 2021
Course ONLY 
All for 2 weeks*0Half Day Campers*1
1 Adult + 1 child289€
Extra price per adult or child*5175€ (adult) 120€ (child)
Discount per weeks (only on course)2: 5 % / 3-4:10% 5+ 15%

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Accommodation in Sparkville Residence p/week
Double En-Suite PLUS*1Double Premium*2
+ 240€ (per room for 1 adult + 1 child)+ 300€ (per room for 1 adult + 1 child)
Extra rooms: + 135€ (if 1 extra single room) + 210€ (if one extra room shared) – both based on kids being in a ensuite standard room.Extra rooms: + 135€ (if 1 extra single room) + 210€ (if one extra room shared) – both based on kids being in a ensuite standard room.
For extra adult or child NOT doing course*3, + 40€ per person joining a 2 person room (max 4 in 1 room).For extra adult or child NOT doing course, + 55€, per person joining a 2 person premium room (max 4 in 1 room).

Transfers on Sunday arrivals are possible from Jerez airport for 40€ per family (two families can come together for 40€ each if all fit in 8 seater van).

*0: Price combines Adult General Spanish Course + day camp.

*1: Based on parent and child sharing same room with two individual beds. Communal self catering facilities available in residence. Includes access to roof and all other communal areas.

*2: Premium rooms have guaranteed air-conditioning, safe, own fridge and exterior window.

*3: It is possible to add one child or adult to the same room. This price gives access to whole facility and optional participation in cultural events programme but doesn’t include class. If a family wanted to add one child or adult to same room and do the course the price for an extra child or adult is the course price to left + this accommodation add on.


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