Work+Study for Teens

Work Experience in Spain with Spark

We have a special year round programme adapted for teens (15-19) still at school and wishing to learn Spanish and develope vital first work experience whilst staying with Spanish host family.

Main Features of Programme

  • Family Stay with family with a child of same gender and of similar age. All families vetted and work with us year round with school parties.
    • All meals, although lunch may be pic nic.
    • Own room. Bathroom may be shared.
    • Family vetted and experienced.
    • Host partner of apx same age.
  • Spanish Classes: a private or closed group with another work+study teen for 1.5 hours a day Monday to Friday. During the period 26.07-22.08.20 it would be 4 hours of group class with other students.
  • Work Experience: all our work experience is in house in our office and academy. This means students can learn vital work skills from highly experience personal as usually their tutor is Spark’s general manager. See list of example tasks below.
  • Transfers from Jerez Airport included. Add on option Sevilla.

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Example Timetable

08.00-09.30: morning with host family.

10.00-13.00 *1 : work experience in Spark.

13.00-14.30: private or closed group class with native teacher.

15.00-22.00: Afternoon and evening with Spanish family, including all meals.

Weekend: Spending weekend with family.

In Summer period: 09.30-13.30: group class, 16.00-19.00: Work Experience *1 time. Rest of time with family or on cultural activities.

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  • Age 15-19.
  • Maturity and independence for age. Due to staying with a Spanish family and taking on work tasks it is important the student have natural level of autonomy for their age.
  • Desire to learn and develope.
  • Set work experience time is 4 hours per day, although it could be at times more hours on one day and less on another. On occassion it could cover some weekend time. Normally 3 hours is timetabled in and students have one additional hour to do things in a timetable of their choosing, this is to encourage autonomy and personal responsibility.

Unique Perks

  • Tutor to push professional development throughout.
    • ***Normally this tutor is our general manager, meaning the capacity for learning is high.
  • Training in personal professsional Development, a vital starting point for any young learner.
  • Work Reference reflecting performance.
  • Experienced family. Also family coordinator in Spark to help when needed.
  • Attentive caring, qualitfies native teacher.
with host family

Example Tasks

  • Translation of website or commercial material.
  • Interior Design and Decorating in Spark.
  • Marketing or blogging.
  • Working with children and support assistance with our school groups. Can include serving food and helping out with logistical coordination and set up.
  • General admin office support.
  • Helping out with English classes on Fridays or Saturday game days.
  • See more on the type of work done here.

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Prices and Conditions
  • Due to natural of this programme there is a minimum stay of 2 weeks.
  • Two Week Price: 1099€. Three week 1599€. + 499€ for any extra week. This includes:
    • Family Stay.
    • Full Board.
    • Spanish Classes.
    • Tutor + Family Coordinator throughout.
    • Appraisal, Development programme + reference.
    • Transfers: pick up and drop to Jerez airport. + 65€ per journey for Sevilla.
Loreena’s experience on her work and study programme.

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*1: work timetable may be spread about i.e. more hours one day and less others. On occassion could be at weekends. We say total work experience time is 4 hours, meaning the student has 1 more hour a day to use, usually this is doing planning and development work on their own.
*2: Spark organizes activities. Costs like food, drink, entrance tickets and transportation covered by student. Work experience students may not be able to attend events that clash with their work time.

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