About Spark Spanish

“Your learning, our passion”

Our Mission, Values and VisionMissionStatement

At SparkSpanish, we believe a key component of delivering the quality we promise to our students is being guided by shared values and vision in our team.  For this reason, our team at Spark has put into words together this shared mission to educate and give a special experience to as many students as possible.   Continue reading…

Who are we?

Spark is a company made up of many talented and enthusiastic individuals. All our staff take pride in what we do and everyone has lots of experience when it comes to teaching a language. Take a look at the masterminds behind Spark and see what brought them to create Spark Languages! Continue reading…

Why Spark?

We care about what we do, we care about our students and we care about our programmes. We have a passion for what we do and we believe in a personalised approach to make a difference to your learning, but most importantly to make your overall experience with us the best possible. Continue reading…

What do we believe?

Our slogan, “Your learning, our passion” speaks for itself. We truly believe that anyone can learn a language, and that it is one of the most rewarding experiences. We believe that learning a language should be enjoyable and at the end of the day, a fun experience learning something new! Continue reading…

Our Education Group

Even though Spark has only been open and providing language learning since 2011, it has in fact come from a long line of education providers. Our education partners at TECS and El Centro Inglés have been providing education for over 40 years! Continue reading…

If you have any unanswered questions, you can refer to our FAQs page, or you can contact us and we’ll be happy to help!


Spark was founded by three dedicated professionals, each excelling in their fields of language education and logistical management, and in running a successful quality orientated business.  We know a good language institution is built through a combination of experience and fresh energy.  Our experience of providing educational excellence in English programmes through our educational language partners, TECS and El Centro Inglés, gives us solid foundations to start our Spanish adventure. Likewise, the fact that Spark will be run by fresh innovative young energetic managers and administrators means we approach the challenges ahead with fresh ideas and endless enthusiasm. Our proven past success means there are exciting times ahead, and we hope you will be part of them!

At Spark, everyone has at least three things in common:

– A passion for language teaching.
– A belief that the process of learning a new language can and should be enjoyable and rewarding.
– An awareness that it is the little details that will make our student’s learning experience a Spark one.




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  1. Hi, I was just wondering if you have or will have any job opening for working this summer in Spain. I am looking for some type of summer job and am interested in teaching English or sports. I didn’t see anything on Spark Spanish that talked about job openings, could you tell me about that if there are opportunities?

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