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Chefchaouen Morocco Spark Spanish group trip

Spark Spanish Trip to Morocco

Spanish and Morocco: Ever fancied going to Morocco? Well with Spark you can.  In 2012 we will be combining our Spanish Courses with a fantastic weekend trip away in majestic Morocco.  We would leave straight after Spanish classes on Friday in our own Spark van with our wonderful Nico asyour lovely driver and escort and then take a Friday ferry from Algerciras to Tangiers where we would pass an exciting weekend in unforgetable north Africa.  Included  would be a day trip to the lovely blue town of Chefchaouen.  Full details coming soon!

Spanish and Paragliding:To add a little spice to our programmes we are teaming up with a paragliding provider in the sierra of cadiz where we will be offering paragliding crash course ending in the wonderful activity itself.  Seeing a bird-eye’s view of the world is at your finger tips as you mutter those newly learned Spanish word…wow!

Spark Paragliding

Spark Paragliding

Español TOTAL: this is our star addition to our Spark programmes and would involve a weekend away in the wonderful sierra de cadiz but the secret to this special programme is each student who signs up will be providing us with a written promise that they will only speak in Spanish throughout the two days and wont be using a word of their native tongue.  This programme isnt for the faint hearted as it isnt an easy thing to achieve but with our star Spark team there to guide you on your way via a host of exciting activities, it is an achievable goal and one which will make a great difference to your overall Spanish learning.

Spanish and Cycling: during this weekend we will set ourselves the challenge of doing a 73km cycle ride along the wonderful via verde de la sierra de cadiz.  The via verde is an route through the centre of the Cadiz mountain range which was laid down originally for a railway track with 25 tunnels being completed but the Spanish Civil War broke out and the rainway track was never placed.  10 years ago it was made it a tourist route and it is truely an outstanding experience and marvellous way to see the Spanish countryside.  We will be starting from Puerto Serrano and doing the 32,5km to Olvera where we will spend the night having a marvellous well deserved meal and then on Sunday will do the easier 32,5km back to the start.

Via Verde Spark Trip

Via Verde Spark Trip

These are just some of the exciting programmes we will be running in 2012 but please dont forget about Carnival programme in February, Semana Santa at Easter and Feria in April/May, not to mention other great Spanish and Sport  and Spanish and Dance programmes.

Check out our Spark Calendar to see all the events already scheduled and also check out our cultural events page for great local events going on so you can have the perfect Spanish Language Holiday.

If you wish for more information on any of these programmes, please dont hesitate to contact us via chat box in bottom right hand corner of page or to request a call back.

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