“Hispanic vote” was key to Obama´s re-election!

Here at Spark Spanish we have been following the U.S Presidential election with unbridled enthusiasm! We had a particular interest this year because Spanish people have had a direct influence on the result! Fair to say, the election was neck and neck to the final hour. However, Obama believes that the “Hispanic Vote” was of huge importance to his impressive victory. In an election where the candidates target certain states to make sure they receive those specific electoral votes, Obama certainly had the backing of those states with the highest percentage of Hispanic voters.  After the final count, Obama received 303 Electoral votes which outshone Romneys 206.

With a record of 24 million registered Hispanic voters, Obama won over 70% of their vote with significant victories in Nevada, Ohio, Colorado and Florida. Hispanic voters in the 2012 Presidential election were mainly impressed by Obama’s “immigration reform”.

Over half of the immigrants to the U.S since 2010 have been Hispanic and this number is expected to carry on increasing. Looking at current the trend, the U.S is expected to be completely bilingual by 2050. Many people study Spanish in order to further their opportunities in business and the general workplace. Studying Spanish is becoming extremely popular and is becoming a well-sought after skill for employers. There is no better place to study Spanish than in Spain itself- namely right here in authentic El Puerto de Santa Maria!

The world is changing and learning a language can be so useful to you now. Here at Spark Spanish we teach many people with many different abilities, those who are simply looking to improve their existing Spanish to be able to converse more in their favourite holiday destination and also those who are looking to gain a DELE qualification with our intensive course. The DELE diploma is of great international value for those who are going to study at a Spanish speaking University or those wanting to work in a Spanish speaking environment. So, don’t t delay in improving your employment chances and moving with the times. The “Hispanic vote” in the 2012 election has helped Obama in his re- election and to change the lives of others. Come to Spain and learn Spanish right here at Spark and change YOUR life! It will be an experience you won’t forget!

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