Learn Spanish and Live Spanish

For this programme we will find you a host that you can stay with for the duration of your Spanish course.  This option is open to any age of student. It involves having your own room but usually sharing bathroom facilities. This is obviously the best way to make sure you practice your newly acquired language skills as much as possible as ours usually don’t speak English, or if they do, they have been notified that one of their goals is to always speak in Spanish with you. All the hosts we are in contact with live very close to Spark and are in very good central locations so there is no need to worry about getting around.

We have two options with options 1 suitable for anyone 18 and older as you would be placed with a host of apx same age. Last option is gurantee FAMILY experience and available only for 15-19 year olds (19 if just finished school)  and required for under 18s.

DSC_13391.Homestay Half-Board: 255€ per week (any age)

With the Homestay half board option, you will stay with a Spanish host, have your own room and have breakfast and dinner included. The host will be experienced with hosting all different ages and matched as best as possible to suit the student’s needs. Hosts in this option are not guaranteed to be a family. This type of home stay is open to any age of student, 18 and over.

 2. Family Stay Homestay: 345€ per week *required option from 15-19 year olds.

This hosting option is guaranteed with a family with a host partner of the apx same age and gender. Full board is provided, although some lunches may be packed lunches, especially if the students are doing a cultural event. The family will do more activities with the students, especially at the weekend. Also the level of supervision will be greater, although students will have the independence level equivalent to their host partner. It is the perfect option for younger students wanting to have controlled independence in Spanish cultural environment.


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