Intensive Spanish Course

Intensive Spanish Course

Our Intensive Spanish Course is made up of: 25 hrs of class: 20 General Spanish plus 5 Individual Classes as well as the cultural events programme.  This course is perfect for students looking for extra quick learning and individual focus at an affordable price.

Key aspects

Classes 25 hours: General Spanish Course (20 hrs/week) plus 5 hrs individual classes.
Students per Class Maximum 9 students, standard 3-5.
Levels From Beginners*1 (A0) – proficiency (C2)
Minimum age 16
Extras Organization of social events programme *3, all books included.
Prices 275€ (+ one off 25€ registration fee*2)
Discounts 5%: 3 weeks, 10% 4-7 weeks, 15% 8-11 weeks.
Dates Every Monday*1 July to September. Wanting to come in another period why not consider our one to one and closed group packages.

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Intensive Spanish Course Description

With this intensive Spanish course in addition to your 20 group classes, you will receive 5 hours of individual classes, which will be conducted after the lunch break. These classes can be catered to fit your needs. Whatever you need extra help on, whether it’s grammatical, or a specific subject that you need to learn in Spanish, our teachers will create the lesson accordingly. This includes Exam prep on the DELE exam or school exams, like A-Level.

On top of the Individual classes, in the morning you will do our General Spanish course which consists of 20 hours of group Spanish classes per week. The means the intensive spanish course provides an excellent balance between personalised individual learning needs (via the one to one) and groups classes which allow for more dynamic practice of the language.

A special part of all our Spanish programmes is our social and cultural events programme.  The cultural activities provide not only the opportunity to explore the local area but also practice the language learned in class within real context.  The cultural context of the activities also means that you also learn about Spanish culture as well as the language.

Had a fantastic 2 weeks at Spark and learned so much. Intensive course was ‘muy intensivo’ but well worth it! Lovely helpful staff, and beautiful place to be. Atmosphere very relaxed and friendly. Thanks everyone!

 Elaine Tovell (UK)

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*1 For starting dates for beginners, please click here.
*2: The registration fee includes the costs of the books (or class material) you use in class. It does not include credit card processing fee.
*3: Some events have not costs but events which require: entrance tickets, food and drink are all covered by the students.

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