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Spanish Course for Demi-Pairs

If you would like to learn Spanish in Spain and enjoy a less intensive Au Pair experience then why not become a Demi-Pair with Spark? Being a Demi-Pair gives you the opportunity to work as an Au Pair but with more free time available to allow you to focus more on your Spanish learning.

Spark would provide you with a welcoming, local family as well as a Spanish course designed to meet the needs and wants of Au Pairs and those wishing to relax and enjoy the Spanish lifestyle and culture for an incredible learning experience at an affordable price.


Demi-Pairs would be expected to work 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, doing similar duties to that of an Au Pair, while having all your accommodation and meals for free.

Our course allows you to study 4 hours a day of Spanish, Monday to Friday. As well as all the Spanish classes, Demi Pairs will also be able to attend the cultural events taking place.

Key aspects

Demi Pair Responsibilities
Working with a timetable arranged with family, basic domestic duties including cleaning, cooking (no more than 2 hours a day), provide a linguistic and cultural experience for the children, babysitting in evenings, 4 hours a day, 5 days a week
Host Family Responsibilities
Free individual room, meals, Pick-up and drop-off at Jerez Airport or El Puerto train station, provide linguistic and cultural experience for Au Pair, contact prior to arrival, two free days a week
Classes 20 classes General Spanish classes +  social and cultural events programme *1
Timetable 20 classes a week 10h-14h Mon-Fri (with a 15 minute break)
Starting dates Every Monday
Age Range 16-25*2
Extras Free social and events programme, all books included, Spark learning booklet and many more extras! Free Games and Tips Au Pair Manual
Prices* 4 weeks= 630€*3         16 weeks= 2380€
8 weeks= 1260€           20 weeks= 2975€
12 weeks= 1785€          24 weeks= 2570€
*For all Demi-Pair programmes there is a placement fee which covers: the interview, adminstration and the process of finding a family. Depending on the country in which you are resident this has different requirements and procedure and hence the overall cost per country varies a little. Please contact us for full information, stating in which country you are a resident.

*1: costs like food, tickets not included. All events are optional.
*2: this is our recommended age range due to the nature of the programme. Students who older are able to apply but we recommend they first consider if this is the right study option for them.
*3: 4 weeks is normally only available in summer, but consult us.

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  1. Hello there.
    I would really love to be part of SparkSpanish this summer.Im from Kosovo I’m living and studying in Istanbul.I wanted to learn Spanish and explore Spain since I was a little girl,still looking forward to make my dream come true.I would be happy if you send me more information about working and learning Spanish at least for two months.I loved the energy of your school. Keep going!
    Gresa Basha

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