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Spanish Course for Demi-Pairs

If you would like to learn Spanish in Spain and enjoy a less intensive Au Pair experience then why not become a Demi-Pair with Spark? Being a Demi-Pair gives you the opportunity to work as an Au Pair but with more free time available to allow you to focus more on your Spanish learning.

Demi-Pairs would be expected to work 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, doing similar duties to that of an Au Pair, while having all your accommodation and meals for free.

Class Brekadown

Student Receives Programme Prices
Spanish Classes

1.5 hours of class per day when on 1-1 basis

3 hours of class per day when 2 students

4 hours of class per day when 3 and more students


8 weeks= 1260€

12 weeks= 1785€

16 weeks= 2380€

20 weeks= 2975€

24 weeks= 3570€

Lodging with a family on a full board basis throughout programme length
PLACEMENT FEE: For all Demi-Pair programmes there is 299€ placement fee for finding a family. This fee is NOT commissionable.


Information on Class

  • mid July to September class will run on a group format with 20 classes per week, 4 a day 10-14.00 with a 15 minute break. There will also be a cultural activity programme during this period.
  • In all other months, or on the rare occasion student is on own in class in a week during July to September, the classes would be 1.5 hours of one to one daily, 7.5 hours a week.


Demi-Pair Programme Requirements

  1. Demi-Pairs will work 5 days a week for 4 hours a day, this could include a weekend day.  They will also be required to do one night time supervision per week, allowing the parents to either go out or away for that night.
  2. Their main task will be looking after children but they will usually also be required to do simple domestic tasks.
  3. The Demi-Pair should communicate in the chosen language of the parents.  This will normally be English but may be another language depending on the family request and student linguistic ability.
  4. Demi-Pair must be a suitable person to work with children, demonstrating prior experience.  It is Spark’s responsibility to make sure the homestay family is an appropriate one to have a demi-pair at home.
  5. Spark will insist on both the Demi-Pair and family signing an agreement document so all arrangements are as clear as possible.


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  1. Hello there.
    I would really love to be part of SparkSpanish this summer.Im from Kosovo I’m living and studying in Istanbul.I wanted to learn Spanish and explore Spain since I was a little girl,still looking forward to make my dream come true.I would be happy if you send me more information about working and learning Spanish at least for two months.I loved the energy of your school. Keep going!
    Gresa Basha

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