Excursions and Trips

Excursions and trips form an important part of the camp experience. Not only are they a fun day, they also offer a great opportunity to see real Spain and experience its vibrant culture.

  • Excursions are full days at the weekend and involve going to wonderful places like Seville, Jerez and Gibraltar. There are also excursions to water parks, fun parks and the zoo.
  • Day trips are half day getaways such as days on the beach, Cadiz city visits, water sports trips and shopping trips to the local mall. These are great moments for the campers and break up the week nicely.



Gibraltar — Get to know this rare place where English and Spanish melt together! Visit the rock and the caves, and see Africa from the strait. Jerez Zoo + Beach — More than 1,000 animals from 200 different species and from all five continents. Waterworld — An amazing water fun park full of rides, swimming pools and water slides! Great fun guaranteed. Seville + Isla Mágica — Go for a mini tour around Seville before going to the pirate theme park Isla Mágica to enjoy the great rides and activities. Water  Adventure — A day at the Sancti Petri beach resort doing water and beach activities such as banana boat, kayak, beach volleyball.


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