Personal Development

At International Camp, you can be sure that your child’s Spanish will improve enormously. However this is far from the only progress they will make, as we place great importance on helping our campers to develop independence, responsibility and a “growth mindset”. Camp is the perfect place for this, offering an intensive yet safe environment in which to learn a language and about themselves. They will also meet children from different cultures and have the opportunity – often for the first time – to befriend someone else via another language than their first.

Personal Development on Camp


Personal Development Opportunities on camp can include:

  • Educational Booklets for some age groups that help children develop personal responsibility and respect
  • Opportunities for older campers to look after younger ones (in a supervised manner)
  • Responsibility for upkeep of own areas: sleeping, dining, chill out area
  • Projects like film-making, and magazine and evening entertainment creation which can involve holding positions of responsibility
  • Opportunity to be elected by fellow campers to lead a colour in our “colour war” competition
  • Contact via camp monitor and teacher to tutor contact to help each camper to keep pushing themselves forward.


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