How to Get to Camp

With summer camp you can either request a transfer from Jerez, Seville or Malaga (times must be agreed first with the latter), or accompany your child directly to camp.  All arrivals are on Sunday (early arrival is not possible) and all departures are on Saturday (earlier transfers may be possible, though not later ones).


Please note that if you are doing the family programme and staying, then arrival for lodging is to Sparkville Residence and arrival for camp (for day camper) is to TECS (our summer camp venue). See below for info on locations.


Camper Flying on Own

By air > check out Aena.es for full info on each airport in Spain.

* Jerez de la Frontera is the closest but smallest airport and has some flights to and from different countries, as well as being connected to Madrid. Residential campers (not family programme) get a free pick up and drop off service to Jerez airport, if arrival is on Sunday and departure on Saturday.  Jerez is connected to the UK, Germany, Austria and Belgium; and many additional destinations exist via transit flights from Madrid or Barcelona. Refer to Aena Jerez for full connections.

Seville airport is the next closest and a slightly larger airport.  From Seville, we can do camp residential pick ups (not family programme) for a small fee per transit (consult us for prices). Seville is well-connected to all of Europe with flights daily to the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and many other countries. Seville is usually the best arrival airport if you can’t find a suitable option in Jerez. Most cheap European airlines operate out of here daily, although Malaga has an even greater selection. Refer to Aena Sevilla for full connections.

* Malaga airport is the largest airport in the area and has the most connections with cities and countries from around the world.  From Malaga, we can do camp residential pick ups (not family programme), but please note the arrival time should be checked with us before booking the flight, as normally for a pick up to be available it must be a morning arrival. All the cheap airlines operate out of the airport and cheap flights are nearly always available.  Refer to Aena Malaga for full connections.



Parent Accompanying Child

Andalusia is well-connected to the rest of the world and it is easy to get to El Puerto de Santa Maria once in Spain. There are several major airports (Jerez, Seville, Malaga referred to above) in the area of El Puerto if you are coming from somewhere outside of Spain. Also Faro (Portugal) and Gibraltar are close to El Puerto, although we do not offer pick ups from these airports. For flight information, please refer above or to Aena.es.

The information below is relevant to how to get from an airport to TECS (Camp) or Spark (family programme arrivals if staying in Spark).

Useful Links 

– Camp Location (all residential campers + Day Camp arrivals): Ctra. Fuentebravía, Km 1, 11500, El Puerto De Santa Maria (Cádiz). Google Maps Locations – TECS Summer Camp.
– Spark Residence (family programme arrivals when staying in residence): c/ de los Espadas 6, 11500, El Puerto De Santa Maria (Cádiz) – 10 mins walk from camp. Google Maps Location – Sparkville Residence.
Aena: For flights operating to any airport in Spain. Select the airport you wish to see the connections for in “choose an aiport”.
Renfe: national train connections (local routes not listed). El Puerto de Santa Maria may be listed under “P” rather than “E”.
Cercanias: Local Train Connections, for trains from anywhere in the province of Cádiz to El Puerto de Santa Maria.
Local Transport in El Puerto de Santa: this link is only in Spanish, but it has useful links to buses (local and in the province) and ferries, as well as info on the local airports.
– Direct link to local bus routes in the town of El Puerto de Santa Maria.
Transport from Jerez Airport: List of transport possibilities from Jerez airport to El Puerto de Santa Maria and vice versa (version August 2018).  Check Jerez airport website for the most up-to-date transport information.
Taxi El Puerto de Santa Maria and Andalusia in general > 0034 956 858 584

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