Camp + Family Stay

Innovative multinational and multilingual camp / intensive Spanish classes / day trips, sports and activities / fabulous location in southern Spain / caring Spanish hosts

Camp + Family Stay

All the amazing features of our international camp, plus accommodation with a local Spanish family, providing extra cultural exposure and push for students’ Spanish. Students spend the day at International Camp (09.15-20.00), and the early morning and evening with the host family. At the weekend they attend the weekend camp excursions. Ideal for teenagers looking for a blend between camp and Spanish family life.


Key info

  • The programme is suitable for 14-17 year olds
  • Camp hours are between 09.30-20.00
  • Class, lunch, creative projects, and sports and activities at camp
  • Local host family will have a child of the same age and gender
  • Children go on camp excursions on Saturdays
  • They have the choice between spending Sundays with the family or attending the Intercamp competition (July) or the second excursion of the week (August)

Dates + Prices

2 weeks: 28.07.19 — 10.08.19 or 11.08.19 — 24.08.19

4 weeks: 28.07.19 — 24.08.19

Dates to be confirmed

2 weeks 1499€ / 4 weeks 2699€



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