Camp Staff

The staff at International Camp are passionate, dedicated and experienced. Most have worked on camp for many years and many have been past campers themselves; and our camp structure is designed to cover all areas of pastoral and educational need.

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Who does what on camp?

  • Camp Monitors:┬áNormally university students with previous experience working with children and in activity instruction. They are the first level of contact with the campers, both on a pastoral and activity level.
  • Camp Teachers: Native┬áspeakers who are fully qualified to teach a second language. They are the main providers of the educational and linguistic side of camp, both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Coordinators: There are three different coordinators on camp per age group* –one for welfare and parental care, one to manage the activity programme and one to oversee all areas of language learning.
  • Director: The camp director is always a returnee director who has worked on camp before. They add both experience and a passion for education to the programme.
  • Support Staff: Camp support staff include drivers, cleaners, camp nurse and catering staff — all the staff needed to oversee the successful functioning of the various programmes.



*during smaller fortnights it may be that some staff are divided between age groups, for example the Language Coordinator oversees two age groups.

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