Welfare Support

The highest priority of International Camp is camper safety and integration into the programme. Camp undertakes all the needed risk assessments in its activities and installation. In terms of Welfare and support of both campers and parents (yes, you need it too!) the camp has a multilayered structure to address all needs.

welfare support

What structure exists to ensure camper welfare?

  • International Camp has its own nurse*and also receives a visit from a local doctor Monday-Friday to check in on how the campers are doing.
  • Each age group (roughly 6-9, 10-13 and 14-17) has its own Welfare Coordinator, whose primary role is to oversee the integration of the campers, as well as monitor that they eat well. They also communicate with parents as needed to ensure that parents are kept up to date on their children’s well-being.
  • Each camper is assigned to a leader group. A leader group has between 10-14 campers assigned to it and will have both a leader monitor and leader teacher (or 2 monitors) assigned to look after all of the pastoral needs of these campers. They are the first line of welfare support, as they know their campers personally.
  • As our welfare structure is divided by age group, the welfare staff are equiped and trained in the specific needs of that age range of campers. For example, with younger children more emphasis is placed on homesickness, whereas with older children more is placed on eating or integration issues, although all needs are addressed.
  • Camp is run by an experienced Director. Our Directors are always returns and usually have worked on camp for many years. Also from our central office there is one welfare director who oversees all welfare, discipline and parental communication from a management level.


Have a question about our Welfare structure?

*Nurse will either be a fully qualified nurse or someone training to be a doctor and at least in their third year. They may also in smaller fortnights combine their role with being a welfare coordinator.

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