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In our school, we adhere to the standard separation process of studying the language inostannogo into six levels based on a system of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR), developed by the Council of Europe: from A1 (Elementary proficiency) to C2 (proficiency). You can check your level of Spanish, passing our test  online  now.


Description of levels of Spanish

A1: Elementary proficiency

You understand and use and use everyday expressions and basic phrases aimed at satisfying specific needs. Can you imagine to participate in simple conversations about personal details such as where he / she lives, people he / she knows and what he / she has. You can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and ready to help.

The average number of hours of classes to go to the next level: 60 hours

A2: subthreshold level (basic user)

You understand everyday phrases and expressions chastoupotreblyaemye related to the main areas of life, which have a direct relevance (basic information about yourself and family, shopping, places of interest, occupations, etc.). You can solve simple routine tasks requiring a direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters. You can describe in simple terms my life, inner circle.

The average number of hours of classes to go to the next level: 90 hours

B1: Level above average (independent ownership)

You expressly understand the main idea of ​​texts on familiar everyday topics (work, study or leisure), can resolve most situations that arise during a trip abroad, are able to write down their thoughts in simple everyday or related to the personal interests of the theme. You can keep the conversation on the subject of his personal experience, certain events, personal desires and aspirations, and briefly justify their opinion or talk about the plans.

The average number of hours of classes to go to the next level: 120 hours

B2: Intermediate (self-ownership)

You understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical, if they are within the scope of your expertise (competence). During a call, you already have a certain level of fluency and spontaneity of speech that allows without too much difficulty to interact with native speakers in regular situations. Able sfomirovat clear and detailed texts on various topics, as well as to present and justify their views on the basic problem of specifying the arguments “for” and “against.”

The average number of hours of classes to go to the next level: 150 hours

C1: Advanced level (fluent)

You have made significant progress in learning the language and speak Spanish at a very high level. Your knowledge is sufficient for understanding the variety of long and complicated texts with discernment in their hidden meanings; effective and ease of use of language to communicate on social, educational, and professional topics. You can express their thoughts in writing in clear, well-structured and detailed text on difficult topics, demonstrating the proper use of language structure, its connections and joints.

The average number of hours of classes to go to the next level: 180 hours

C2: Professional level (proficiency)

You have reached the professional level of Spanish and language skills sufficient to fully communicate in any situation, demonstrating the ability to spontaneously and accurately adapt to any context, as well as excellent knowledge of the nuances of language, which makes it communicate in Spanish fluently and effortlessly. You can synthesize information from a variety of sources, to form their own arguments on any topic and present their views.

The average number of hours of classes to go to the next level: 210 hours


In our school, we offer a number of different levels of training depending on the number of students in each particular week. Nevertheless, regardless of the number of groups, we always staraemya posting a student in the group with its corresponding level of knowledge.

Students who study in our school for a relatively long period, typically raise their level of consistency according to the division described above, and about the terms outlined above.


To familiarize with the program of our basic course, in accordance with each of the levels (in Spanish) you can here. Also, for more information you can contact us in any way convenient for you, by clicking on the links below or read our Spanish courses.

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