Thanks to all our Spark Spanish students

It is truely hard to take in we are one year on from our founding! It seems like yesterday that Inge wrote our inaugural post announcing to our audience of 4 (Inge, David, Lorenzo and I lol…) that Spark was founded.

Spark Spanish Christmas

Spark Spanish Christmas Photo

Back a year ago Spark was: a building waiting to be renovated, a web domain without content and a lot of ideas about how to attract students to study with us and make sure they had a great time.  Since then Sparkville has been finished and painted orange to represent both our own colours and please our Dutch followers (at least we like kidding that lol…); our web page has risen from 20,000,000 most accessed in the world to 200,000 and we have had 200 wonderful Spanish students through our doors.  We are proud of what we have accomplished here at Spark during the last year but it has only been possible due to our great Spark team, each and everyone of them has been “sparktastic”: Amelia with her smiles, James with his friendly laugh, Nico with his ability to be a jack of all trades, Neil with his artistic touch and Lorenzo with his I.T. wizardry.  Not to mention all our fantastic teachers: Evelyn, Gema, Mari José and the wonderful Almudena from the Spanish side and the amazing Leoni and Adam from the English.  Then a special thank you must go out to Audrey for being there at the very beginning when Spark was just an office in our own home and to Iris and Toni for being Spanish teachers themselves as they keep all sparkling clean.  We have had an incredibly hectic last year but it has been an amazing journey and have truely loved spending it with all our Sparktastic students…. your learning and well being truely has been our great passion this last year and we really hope you have enjoyed your Spark time.

From all at Spark we take this opportunity to not only share our 1st birthday with you all but also to wish you a Feliz Navidad y Feliz Año Nuevo.  Please dont forget to pass on the Spark word as is your recommendation that keeps us going…muchas gracias a todos y todas!

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  1. Happy birthday ‘Spark’. Glad all the hard work and creativity has paid off! Here’s to many more happy birthdays!