Spanish and Irish Connection

St Patrick´s Day and the Spanish and Irish Connection

St Patrick´s Day is the only national celebration I can think of that seems to be celebrated all over the world by everyone. If you ask a Scotsman when is Paddy´s Day they can be sure to be sure to tell you exactly when it is, when it ´twas and how the night ended with an oversized Guinness hat and a £50-sized hole in the wallet. Ask about St. Andrews day and I would need a few seconds on Google…November 30th. Oh well I missed it.

Even in El Puerto de Santa María, you can celebrate by turning up at one of the three Irish Bars in town, Molly Malone´s , Shamrock or O´Donoghue´s, ironically owned by a Scotsman, an English man and an…….no not an Irish man but a Spanish man lol… No doubt you’ll end up spending it in the company of all sorts of nationalities, watching some live music, wearing a silly hat (anyone ever seen one of those in Ireland?) having lots of pints of Guiness and ending up with a small resaca (hangover) to keep you company the morning after. In tribute to St Patrick´s Day in Spain we have come up with a list of interesting Spanish and Irish connections:

  • It is believed that the Celts are originally from Northern Spain and the words “Gaelic” (Irish language) and “Galicia” (a province in Spain) are historically connected.Spanish and Irish Connections
  • Galicia is also famous for its bagpipes and even the rhythmical way of speaking Spanish is much like the Irish way of speaking with English.
  • The Spanish Armada crashed and lost many men on the west coast of Ireland.
  • One of Ireland´s most famous Presidents, Éamon de Valera, is of Spanish descent.
  • When protestant England conquered Ireland a lot of wealthy Irish families would send their children to Spain for a catholic education.
  • Che Guevara claimed to be of Spanish and Irish descent.
  • Most of Sherry companies in the region where originally founded by wealthy families from what was then United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and a few of those were Irish including Terry Family.

Can you think of anymore? Why not post a message on Facebook/SparkSpanish and let me know!

Enjoy your evening chicos and Salud y Sláinte! (quite similar too eh?)

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