New Spanish Course at Spark Spanish: Spanish for Dogs

Ever thought “can my dog understand more than one language?” Well research has proven that more dogs now than ever are in fact bilingual.

Spanish-for-DogsLast year, Americans spent $52 million dollars on their fury friends, buying them accessories, clothes, and other what some would say unnecessary objects. So we at Spark thought, why not spend some of the money spent on things that a dog could probably live without, and spend it on something worth while for them. Some  researchers have seen that dogs who have knowledge of more than one language are better behaved. This is why we have created a special course that combines both your Spanish learning, and that of your 4 legged friend!

The other week we had an incident in the Sparkville Residence where we had a couple of birds (of the Spanish type) trapped in the the residence and couldn’t understand us when we tried to help them in English. However when we started speaking Spanish to them they completely understood and finally managed to break free!

One of our Spanish teachers Lucia said this when asked on what she thought of this new course; “I think this is a wonderful idea that you can share with your dog. Having your dog understand all their commands in Spanish means they will be safer in all Spanish speaking countries as they would understand any warnings or commands said.”

We are hoping to expand this line of work over the next couple of months to all house pets, such as cats, birds and iguanas and even the extremely rare ‘Kevins’!!

So if you would like to hear more information about our Spanish for Dogs course please contact us and we’ll answer all your questions.

Please note it is April Fools day when booking this course.

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