Client View of Spark in 2015

We are proud of how hard we work to do our utmost to provide the best service possible to our Spanish Students be them adults, school groups or children on summer camp. Running a language school is not easy but it is certainly rewarding. Our motto has always been “your learning, our passion” and via our mission and values to work by we strive to do our utmost to provide our students with the personal high quality service we set out to run. Perfection isn’t possible, but trying our best is and latter at Spark I believe we have lived up, something our student reviews back up.  Below are two graphs indicating over 200 hundred students overall opinion of the service they received at Spark in 2015 in our Spanish Language School and also the things they stated they most valued about their experience with us.

Thank you so much to each student for their feedback.

chart (1)chart (2)

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