Combine Spanish and outdoor sports

Why not combine learning Spanish with a Sports programme? We offer different: sport activities which can be added on to your Spanish Course.

All sports options that we offer are run by different providers in and around El Puerto de Santa Maria, so there are no long journeys involved and all the sports activities are given in Spanish. This offers instant opportunities to put your Spanish into practice, learn more vocabulary and make the most of our fantastic El Puerto de Santa Maria weather by being outside, active and learning all at once!

Learn Spanish in El Puerto de Santa Maria

Padel in Spain

Padel in Spain

Sport Activities

Throughout the week, we offer different sports courses that will be run in the afternoon on different days. All sports are separate one day activities that you can do on an individual daily basis. So you might want to sign up for horse riding on Tuesday night, Supercool on Thursday and then padel on Monday the week after. As you can see there is a lot of flexibility with this programme and you sign up for individual activities rather than a programme that runs for the full week.

The sports that we offer are (consult us for availability, some activities may have a minimum number requirement):

Horse Riding in Spain

Horse Riding in Spain

* Super Cool (July-mid Sept): 4 hours of water sports (4pm-8pm), including kayaking, wind-surfing, paddel surfing and catamaran (a type of sailing);
* Horse Riding (all year): Horse riding in Spain is a fantastic experience. Take an evening horse ride along the beach (45-60 minutes long);
* Windsurf (July-Sept): 3 days of windsurf class done with professional instructors in the wonderful bay of cadiz.
* Tennis (all year): private classes with a local tennis instructor.
* Golf (all year): golf en “la costa de Golf” in local golf course.  Whether it is just playing or courses you are looking for, we can organize it for you.
* Padel: Try Padel in Spain where it is a very popular sport and is best described as a combination between tennis and squash as you can hit the ball off the walls in this game. This is a very social sport and always played between doubles. This sport is part of our social and cultural events programme and it is not needed to sign up for this beforehand.
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Sport Classes

With our sport classes you can sign up for golf or tennis classes, in groups or individually. The classes run on a daily basis and can be contracted per week.

Tennis in Spain

Tennis in Spain

* Tennis: Tennis classes can be given one-to-one or within a group, depending on numbers and preference.
*Golf: As with tennis, golf classes can be given to individuals or groups, depending on your preference and availability.

Free social events programme

A special part of all our Spanish programmes is our free social and cultural events programme, organized daily by our social events coordinator, with cultural activities and a 5 day a week social programme. Apart from that, Spark offers you many other extras, such as our unique Spark learning booklet, our Spark card and many more interesting extras!

Key aspects

Please note that, due to weather conditions, some packages are only available from April to October.

Spanish classes Same programme as General Spanish course*
Supercool 4 hours, 1 day. Includes catamaron (a type of sailing), wind surfing, paddel surfing and kayaking. Activities run by instructor. No experience required.
Horse riding Night time ride to one of Puerto’s beaches. Led by an instructor and previous experience of horse riding not  required.
Padel Individual or group classes depending on numbers.
Golf classes Individual or group classes depending on numbers.
Tennis Individual or group classes depending on numbers.
Prices Please consult us for prices of the sporting option you are interested in.

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