Spanish Day Camp in El Puerto

Clases, actividades, diversión y aprendizaje

Our fantastic day camp we organize in our Sparkville building and includes: classes, actitivies and sport and of course lots of fun! It is a great opportunity for children to learn Spanish and also interact with native Spanish children in a language exchange environment. The camp is for kids from 6 to 13 and is also possible to combine with our family programme. The Spanish learners are grouped together for class but then for rest of the activities it is wonderful mix with the children learning English. The camp is much more than just learning Spanish, it is learning about culture and also personal development in a safe and secure environment.

Key Points


  • Spanish class*1 for 1.5 hours and then activities in multi lingual environment with the perfect opportunity to interact with Spanish children.
  • 20 hours of contact with Spanish. 7.5 of class, 12.5 of activities in language exchange setting.
  • Two to Three activities done off site, be that on the beach, in sports facilities or in the local forest.
  • Native staff and bilingual teachers.
  • Price per week: 1 semana- 120€ / 2 semanas- 110€ / – 3 semanas- 100€ / – 4 semanas- 95€ /- 5 semanas- 90€
  • Monday to Friday: 10.00-14.00.
  • Morning Supervision: 09-10: 20€ a week or 5€ a day. Advanced booking always needed.
  • 28.06-30.07. It is possible to start in any week. All weeks required a minimum of 10 students.
  • 10€ one off discount for avanced book (before end of April) and 5€ for the second sibling and 10€ for the third.

*1 spanish classes are usually small 3-5 students. This means different ages and levels may be mixed as how many teachers can be provided of course depends on how many learners there are. Teachers and our materials are prepared for mix levels and small numbers of course make this possible.

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Example Programme

09-10: morning supervision. Homework and tasks. Only for those who contract the service.

10.00-11.30: Spanish Class

11.30-12.30: Arts and Crafts

12.30-14.00: sports, competitions and large team games.

*2-3 times a week 11.30-14.00 leave centre to go to the beach, sports facility or local forest.

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